Today is a happy day. I am on a flight right now to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. I’ve never been to the Caribbean before and could not be more excited. 

I was invited along with 4 other bloggers to visit Puerto Plata and the North Coast of DR as part of an Adventure Press Trip. The agenda includes surf lessons, circus training (hopefully this is acrobatic and not clown related), CrossFit, zip lining, checking out the Master of the Ocean competition and more! 

I love to travel and when I’m able to include this passion with fitness, it’s the perfect combination. My marathon training will be hard to maintain looking at our packed schedule and unfamiliarity with the area. Literally, our itineraries are jammed from 7am until dinner time. Luckily Anne, who coming to DR on the trip, is also training for a marathon and we are planning to squeeze in a few runs together when we can. I’m looking forward to running in warm weather verses the snow once again even if it’s 85 degrees out. 

IMG 9275

At the airport this morning, I walked over to the United side of terminal B at Logan to grab a healthy breakfast from Berkshire Farms. They have fresh pressed juice, kombucha, yummy salads and iggi’s baked goods. I got a green juice and steel cut oatmeal with fresh fruits and nuts. While the American terminal does have UFood Grill, the United side has fresher and cleaner options for grabbing food to bring on the plane.

The total was $17… I had sticker shock at first but should know better. Eating healthy can be expensive, but eating healthy at the airport is ALWAYS expensive. I splurged on the juice because I developed a cough on Tuesday and thought my immune system would appreciate the boost in nutrients.

IMG 9276

For the trip, I bought The Accidental Empress: A Novel after reading about it on The Skimm. Roomie and I are going to Prague, Vienna and Budapest after I run the Boston marathon for a real vacation (i.e. no work) so I thought this historical fiction sounded perfect to brush up on some of my history. I also love a good story on royals. 

Thank you Amazon Prime for delivering it in 2 days! 


Signing up for the Boston Marathon in 2015 happened by chance. I got lucky. I was working with Adidas in the fall of 2014 and had been asked the previous year a little too late if I’d be interested in running with them. I said, “Maybe next year…” 

After a successful Chicago Marathon in October, I told them, “Hey, if you still are interested, I’m in!” 

I didn’t get confirmation until about 10 days ago that I was officially registered to run but I’ve been training since the first week of December. People keep asking me, “How are you training in the weather?” so I figured I’d do a quick post on what it has been like. 

The Dreaded Indoor Long Run… 

Never one to run on a treadmill, I’ve done 7 total runs on one. The worst was a long 15 mile run. That was boring and rough. I watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey on my iPad and played my favorite songs. The indoor runs are much more mental than physical in my opinion, making them more challenging. I wanted to stop at every mile because I could. I didn’t have to run “home.” I stopped and got got water, played with my iPad and walked to eat a chia bar half way through. I finished but it took longer than it should have and quit with just .25 to go. 

“For once, I found a treadmill better than running outdoors for my training.” 

IMG 0094

I completed one hill workout on the treadmill that actually made the time fly by! Intervals are the only way to go on a treadmill. Steady state is death.

Last week, after a quick warm up, I ran 3 miles on a treadmill at an 8:20 pace. This is out of my comfort zone. I was shocked that I was able to do it without huffing and puffing. My heart rate remained stable in a zone that allowed me to run fast and finish strong. It was a total confidence booster. When I run outdoors, I find tempo runs very hard. I just can’t maintain a steady pace. For once, I found a treadmill better than running outdoors for my training. 

Running In The Cold Actually Isn’t That Bad

IMG 0095

I was scheduled to complete my long run on Friday last week but I moved it to Saturday because the weather was going to be 10 degree warmer.  It feels 20 degrees warmer when running than it really is – so it felt like a balmy 44 mid run! I actually spotted a man wearing shorts on his run. 

I started my run at 11am to get those few extra degrees. I ran 17 miles outdoors along the actual course. I’m lucky to have this hometown advantage. I’ve conquered heart break hill a total of 3 times now on long runs. There were water stations set up by charities and the roads were clear! If you bring water on your run, it freezes so this was really helpful. I stopped at Starbucks in Brookline to pee twice, too. Eighty percent of the side walks and roadways along the course have been shoveled to the ground for the runners. THANK YOU BOSTON/BROOKLINE/NEWTON FOR CARING ABOUT US! 

IMG 0089

I know many of the suburbs are not as fortunate so if you are running the marathon, come drive to Boston College and enjoy the course route for your long runs. I haven’t checked out the river yet, but I believe New Balance plows and shovels it every year for the crazy people like me.

I wore my Adidas ClimaHeat Boost running shoes which kept my feet warm and dry for the entire run, socks, compression tights with shorts on top, a long sleeve moisture wicking top, my aqua hoodie with the neck warmer from Adidas and my Athleta Aries Jacket with an Under Armour hat and gloves. I was warm and comfortable the entire time.

Training on the course has been special. I visualized the last 5 miles as they may feel on race day. I live about a half mile from the finish line so this is easy to do. I kept getting emotional so on race day, I’m ready to be waterworks central. 

Warming up has become much more important for my runs and so have my cool downs. I’m feeling healthy and strong with 8 weeks to go until the Marathon. 

To honor my achievements thus far, I went to Alden and Harlow in Harvard Square on Sunday to have a Secret Burger. It was the best burger that I have ever tasted. No idea what was in or on it, but it was amazing and worth every calorie. 

IMG 0092

I am following a program through Jessica from Race Pace Wellness again because it worked so well for me last time. 

Are you training for a marathon this winter too? How are you dealing with the winter weather? 


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