If you don’t use SnapChat – then we another thing in common! However, I am taking over the ClassPass SnapChat account tomorrow, Sunday, all day sharing my Sunday eats, what a “rest day” looks like and maybe even a shot or two of Nick and Little Fit. I would love for you guys to follow along.

Stretching Shot with Bump

In honor of needing to know how to use SnapChat, I downloaded it to my phone and have started my own account under OfficialSFit – because someone took SarahFit womp womp. If I like using it, I guess I could get in the habit of updating another social channel :)

SnapChat makes me feel old, anyone else?????


When I started making YouTube video for Diet.com, I loved to create cardio and strength training workouts that you could do outside. When you’re stuck inside an office all day, why do you want to spend another hour indoors? Same goes for when I’m on vacation.

By combining cardio and strength, you burn more calories while melting away fat and sculpting the muscle underneath to create a lean and strong look fast. It also raises your metabolism the rest of the day so if you are on vacation and plan to make a few splurges, it makes you feel better.

St Thomas Fitness Thumbnail

While visiting St Thomas, there were these breathtaking stairs that were long and killer. I used them one day while I was there to get in a Barry’s Bootcamp style workout combining body weight strength training moves and running up and down the stairs.

One round will take you ten minutes but I recommend doing this at least 3 times for 3 total sets. It is an intermediate workout but beginner friendly. If you are just starting your fitness journey, walk the steps instead of run.

The video features a the 5 minute follow along strength training routine. You can do now in your living room or office even actually since you don’t need any equipment! I also explain the rest of the workout details.

Here are some of my favorite moves that you will find in the video:

  • High Plank
  • Cross Body Plank Crunch
  • Hip Lifts
  • Single Leg Hip Lift
  • Arm Circles

And yes, I shot this video while 10 weeks pregnant.. It feels so long ago!!!! I can’t believe how self-conscious I was about the little weight gain from my carb cravings! Bagels were my go to for a good two-week stretch.

This is the 3rd Fit in Paradise video uploaded this week. Make sure you check out the first two:

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5 Things You Should Do On Your Next Vacation

Do you like body weight workouts or do you prefer to add some iron?

This post is not sponsored but my participation in the Fit In Paradise collaboration was sponsored by Marriott. You can read more about it here.

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