Many of you may be starting your training for a fall marathon this month if you haven’t already. As the mileage increases, you may notice aches and pains that didn’t once exist. While training for my first marathon last summer, I never saw a massage therapist and I should have. I tried to work out tight calf muscles and hips with a foam roller and yoga. It wasn’t enough. My 18 and 20 milers were uncomfortable. I finished with a positive experience but it could have been a lot less painful.

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The week before my second marathon in April, I finally went to not one but two sports massage therapists. The first worked exclusivey on my right leg for 30 minutes and solved 80% of my problems.  They said they could feel bunch of scar tissue that had built up from a previous injury and was causing the tightness and pain. I do not remember getting any injury! To break something down like that, you need to go to a massage therapist regularly. I don’t really like the idea of spending $120+ every month on what I’d call a luxury so this presents a dilemma many athletes encounter - how much are you willing or have to pay to be injury free or are you willing to put up with the pain? 

After Boston and Chicago, I enjoyed the free massage post race. I can’t imagine how sore I would have been without them! I couldn’t sit for days. Two days later I had a real sports massage for an hour that cured my soreness within 48 hours. 

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I was invited to check out Massage Envy which is a spa that offers affordable massages. I am always reluctant to visit places like this. I automatically assume if it sounds too go to be true, it probably is. A 1-hour massage is $49.99 for your first time, $74.99 for 90 minutes. To give you a comparison, most 60 minute massages in Boston run $120 and up. 

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If you join the monthly membership at the Back Bay location in Boston, you get an hour massage or facial every month for just $59.99. It’s a ridiculous deal in the world of Boston massages – with the exception of the $30 deal from the South End massage school which I tried and was really underwhelmed. I was impressed to see that the facials use Murad products. I chose however to go with a one hour deep tissue massage with Heather to hopefully reduce my soreness for my European vacation. 

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When I arrived, the staff were very friendly and didn’t care that I took their picture! I took a seat and was promptly taken into the back on time. I was surprised at how many rooms there were. Afterwards they were also kind and didn’t try to sell me any extra products or memberships although I wish they had because I loved my massage. 

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Heather did a fantastic job. Her pressure was on point and just what I needed after running the marathon. The room was calming and table comfortable. I really had no complaints. At this point, I had had 3 other massages near by in Back Bay. Heather’s was one of my favorites, and I’m not saying that because it was the only one that was complementary. She listened to my concerns and worked on the areas that I requested longer than other parts. She dug deep when necessary but didn’t try to torture me. I left wanting to buy a membership but was off to Europe for the next 10 days so decided to wait until I got back.

Deep tissue massage is so helpful for athletes to break down scar tissue that occurs naturally when we push our bodies to get stronger and faster to maintain flexibility, reduce stress and inflammation and chances of injury. 

Now that I am going to start training for a half marathon later this month, I am totally planning to sign up myself and yes I will be paying. I would highly recommend having regular massages if you are training for a marathon. Massage Envy makes it a little more affordable. I do know that the popular therapists book up so make sure to make your appointment a couple weeks in advance. 

Win an Hour Long Massage of Facial at Massage Envy

I am giving away a one hour massage or facial to one of you guys for just leaving a comment so let me know below what you do to stay injury free while training! Massage Envy has locations all over the US so check to find one near you. This giveaway is restricted to Massachusetts residents only but can be used at any location closest to you. 


As I sit here typing this post eating carrots and edamame hummus, I’m glad I do not follow the Paleo diet. You can’t have soy products (edamame) or legumes (chickpeas) both of which are in my hummus. You can’t even have an apple with peanut butter because peanuts too are considered a legume. I do however appreciate some of the Paleo principles.

Paleo snacks

Paleo Rules

No grains, processed foods, dairy, legumes or added sugar allowed. Eat a generous amount of healthy saturated fats and animal protein. Limit fruits and nuts. Enjoy plenty of vegetables. It ends up being high in fat, moderate in animal protein and low to moderate in carbohydrates without counting calories.

While I appreciate any diet high in vegetables and one that limits processed foods, I don’t like the fact that foods such as quinoa, oats, corn, brown rice, peanuts, kidney beans or pinto beans are labeled as off limits.

I do like that the Paleo diet doesn’t count calories. I once got in a heated argument with a male fitness youtuber/ex Real World cast member about counting macros and calories. He was adamantly for it. I think it works for some people but generally it makes people lame and my schtick as you know is living a healthy lifestyle without giving up your social life. Who wants to try to count calories at a restaurant or BBQ drinking with friends? The paleo principles help you make smarter decisions by choosing options that your body can use and will fill you up. For that reason, I often choose snacks and meals that are Paleo friendly without committing to the lifestyle.

In this video, I feature delicious new-to-me non-GMO, gluten free bars from Caveman Foods. I know bars can be expensive so if you want to try them for free visit They will send you 2 bars and all you have to do is cover shipping/handling which is a $1.

Here are the snack ideas from the video above listed:

  • Apple with Almond Butter
  • Gluten Free Crackers (Mary’s Gone Crackers or Flackers) with avocado or baba ganoush (eggplant based hummus-like dip)
  • Grain free primal bars, like Caveman
  • Beef or chicken jerky (preferably grass fed or organic)
  • Carrots or sliced bell peppers with guacamole

Here are some more links to other Paleo snack ideas. Many of these I found to be time consuming and something I would never do for a snack but go for it if you are feeling adventurous.

  • 51 ideas from The Greatist (this includes a pepperoni pizza idea that looks fun but I’m too lazy to make)
  • 18 ideas from PopSugar
  • 53 idea from Paleo Grubs
  • 18 idea under 200 calories from Livestrong
  • 48 Superbowl – OR 4th of July – snacks from PaleOMG

I haven’t tried to eat a Paleo diet but I could be up for the challenge. I just will always wonder why a slice of bacon is allowed and a bowl of quinoa is not…

Have you given it a go? What are your thoughts?



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