New workout video this week for you guys! Since I’m going on vacation tomorrow, I thought I would create a killer workout that does not require weights or a gym. You can do this in a park, hotel room, wherever! No gym? No problem! This workout will have your trouble zones burning in a good way. Make it Burn No Gym No Problem

Learn how to do the moves by watching the video below. 

This workout is a reverse superset ladder.

You do it like this:

  • Move A 10 reps: Move B 1 rep
  • Move A 9 reps: Move B 2 reps
  • Move A 8 reps: Move B 3 reps
  • Move A 7 reps: Move B 4 reps
  • Move A 6 reps: Move B 5 reps
  • Move A 5 reps: Move B 6 reps
  • Move A 4 reps: Move B 7 reps
  • Move A 3 reps: Move B 8 reps
  • Move A 2 reps: Move B 9 reps
  • Move A 1 reps: Move B 10 reps

Rest 1-2 minutes and then start with second set of moves. Follow with the third. Enjoy! Don’t forget to pin this workout to remember to do it later if you are sitting at your desk right now :)


I really cannot believe I am already at week 14 of marathon training which means only 5 weeks to go until the Chicago marathon! When I first started this journey, I was really nervous. I thought I would get injured, the long runs would be boring and unbearable, I would not have the time for training runs among other hesitations. Well, with only two really longs runs to go, I’m still healthy, I’m still enjoying my workouts and have yet to experience any race day anxiety. 

IMG 8152

I just got a new pair of sneakers to break in for the marathon. I love my old Adidas boost but feel like they are breaking down after wearing them throughout the entire training period. After 3 runs in the new ones though, I feel like I’m starting to get blisters on my pinky toes at 6 miles. I’m scared to wear them for longer runs since I didn’t need to break in my Energy Boost 2.0’s at all. 

Yesteday, I received an exciting new gadget to test out. I used it yesterday for my 6 mile run and so far, I love it! I will share my full review after a few more uses but basically it is the TomTom Run Cardio watch that has GPS AND a heart rate monitor built into the wrist watch, the first of it’s kind!

IMG 8151

It picked mine up after 2 minutes of warming up. The GPS signal was reached within 3 minutes of hitting start. I love my TomTom multisport watch so I’m hoping the HR monitor really can pick up my HR through my wrist after many uses. So far, so good and I felt like it was accurate. 

Given the additional cardio, I’ve been eating more quality calories, specifically more carbs. Normally, I am a salad at lunch kinda girl, but sandwiches have been hitting the spot. It’s funny though, my skin has totally been breaking out since I started eating more gluten and cheese. I’ve also been having heartburn. Just confirms my previous suspicions and why I’ll probably cut back again after the marathon.

IMG 8148

I’ve been saying yes to dessert even on the week days. This is a banana cream pie with chocolate covered bacon fudge from Tremont 649 in the South End. 

IMG 8133

Through my sandwich cravings, I discovered an incredible sandwich at The South End Buttery. I can’t remember the name but I think it was called the Californian. It came with bacon, avocado, cheese, sprouts, tomato and kale pesto! I added turkey for the extra protein. OMG. This is my new favorite sandwich in Boston. 

IMG 8139

My jaw kinda hurt afterwards from trying to fit this thing in my mouth. 

IMG 8140

For breakfast, instead of smoothies, lately I’ve been having 2 slices of Ezekial Cinnamon Raise toast with a little almond butter or MaraNatha Coconut Almond Butter blend, which is delicious, expensive ($10!!) and does have a little added sugar so it’s not something I will have on a regular basis but is a nice treat before morning runs or teaching. 

IMG 8144

I think this post calls for an updated “What I Eat In A Day” marathon training edition. I am going on vacation for a little over a week starting Thursday so it will be tough to get in my training while abroad in the UK. It is my first visit and this trip has been planned for a whole year. I can’t believe it is still here. 

I have a 20 miler tomorrow and then a 22 miler when I get back on Saturday of next week. After that, I have just 2 “long runs” consisting of 10 and 15 miles and then it’s show time. Holy crap! I can’t believe it is almost here… 

On my long runs, I’ve been listening to Divergent on Audible. It’s has helped pass the time for sure! I’m almost done book 1 and will probably finish it tomorrow. I do wish I had people to run with but since my schedule is so random compared to other people, it would be hard to organize a regular run buddy or group. I don’t mind running alone but if I didn’t have an audiobook, I think I would hate it! I look forward to my longs runs because I want to know what happens next. During my run, I just focus on when I get to eat my next gel or shot block. They really are quite delicious. 

Any advice for my last 5 weeks?

For those who are running Chicago too, the meet up is going to be on Saturday late morning. Exact time and place is TBD but I was thinking of doing a group shake out run. Not sure how long those are since my trainer Jess hasn’t filled in on my training schedule what I’m supposed to do on Saturday but I feel like people usually run like 2 easy miles the day before, right? 



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