I love this ab workout! It’s just 10 minutes long, you do not need any equipment at all and it is sure to give your core a good burn without wasting your time.  This is a workout video that you can do following along with me and we even used one of my favorite Robyn songs to keep you going. There are only 6 moves you need to know to do this routine.

This video is Part 1 of a total body real-time twenty-minute workout. Part 2 is on the fabulous channel from CosmoBody.

If you like this video, try Part 2 over on CosmoBody’s YouTube channel. CosmoBody offers you unlimited access to their real-time fitness video library for $19.95 for 90 days. My buddy Tara Stiles’ yoga videos are featured among other great trainers. Use promo code COSMOBODY90 to sign up here.

Bookmark this video on YouTube or Pinterest to do later.

P.S. If you have been to my class at Burn, it is the same pyramid workout.

10 Minute Ab Blitz Pyramid Workout

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