March 2011

Dinner time with chicken, sweet potato and green beans! Yummy! (Taken with instagram)

I don’t eat them often but I must admit I love the new apple crumb Vitamuffin. I’m still hungry though. Time for a Mini Babybel Light to complete snack time before yoga.

If you hate to cook, are short on time and want to lose weight, you’ve probably looked into a few meal delivery programs.  Some are delicious but unaffordable for most (The Fresh Diet), while other less expensive programs may be filled with preservatives, high in sodium and low in nutrients (Nutrisystem).  I loved The Fresh […]”

Have you ever uploaded a video on YouTube and know you’ll regret it?  I just did that.  I also interviewed myself with a ridiculous accent.  This is what happens when you work from home people.  Beware.   Q&A w/ Sarah: YouTube NextUp (by SarahsFabChannel)

Bananas are inexpensive and full of nutrients.  I put 1/2 of one in my oatmeal for breakfast or before a morning workout for quick energy.  Every once in awhile though, I buy too many and they start to go bad before I can eat them all!  They are perfect to freeze for smoothies or banana […]


I currently have an iPod touch, iPod nano and iPhone.  Excessive? Maybe.  But each has a special functionality in my opinion.  The iPod is for my excessive use of apps without using all my phone’s juice and listening to Pandora while I work.  The iPod nano for long runs in hot weather (that arm band […]

Certain events pop up in our lives and may slightly derail our best intentions.  Things like holidays, birthdays, or even breakups and worse deaths can and will cause us to forget why we chose to live healthier lifestyles.  No one has ever become thin by accident.  If they say they did, they are lying.  Trust […]



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maggiedinan: and then get better … Vogue meets zoolander.


by Sarah Fit Imported Via Tumblr on March 27, 2011

maggiedinan: When photos go terribly wrong …  Out celebrating the bday photobomb.

How many calories should you eat for weight loss?  New video for on YouTube. A more specific calculation can be found here. FAQ: Many YouTubers are asking what if you weigh less than 120, how many calories should you eat to lose weight.  I suggest sticking with at least 1200 calories.  It is a […]