Runners Tip: Here comes the heat!

I posted on Twitter how difficult my run was this afternoon and got a ton of feedback from followers telling me they thought it was just them!  They were relieved to hear I had a similar experience. On the east coast, we are experiencing a pretty drastic rise in temps and mugginess.  It seems as […]

Royal Wedding Hangover? Not Yet!

The official Royal Wedding may be over but Catherine and William still have a day of festivities to endure celebrate.  This post is neither health or fitness related.  But this is my blog and I love this stuff.  I watched the hour long special on 20/20 last night, and plan to watch the 2-hour one […]

Royal Wedding Fever: Kate Middleton Diet

Kate Middleton has been looking rather thin these days.  Rumor has it she is following The Dukan Diet (this has not been confirmed, merely speculated like the rest of the wedding details).  I felt obligated to fill my readers in on this potentially dangerous diet, but also give you the facts if you do want […]

New Exercise video available exclusively on Laughing Cow TV!    FitJoy with The Laughi”

New Exercise video available exclusively on Laughing Cow TV!    FitJoy with The Laughing Cow: Exercise Ball Workout (by LaughingCowTV)

Wake Up For A Fitness Challenge!

Wake Up For A Fitness Challenge! “Well, hello Spring!” While is Australia, I re-discovered how much I loved working out in the morning.  When I returned home, I realized how much I hated working out while it was still dark out and freezing.   Now that warm weather (before 9 am) has arrived, I’ve decided […]

Lunch time! How colorful is this salad? Delicious.

Lunch time! How colorful is this salad? Delicious.

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Banana Frosting Recipe

As a blogger, labeling recipes as Vegan or Gluten Free is a tricky decision.  On one hand, non vegan readers may think this recipe is not for them.  Some automatically think, gross, while other’s like me are intrigued.  Many of my recipes are unintentionally vegan and gluten free but I eat neither diet purposefully.  When […]

Why You Should Read… The Huffington Post Health

If you are not already reading The Huffington Post, you are missing out on some great reads.  I am a news junkie and always have been.  I like to share the latest health headlines but more often than not, I’d like to add my own favorite anecdote from the 90’s, “Duhhhh.”  The HuffPo Health section […]

Quick & Easy Scallop Picatta Recipe with Quinoa

One of my favorite dishes is Sole Picatta at The Marshside in Cape Cod. I worked there during my summers in college as a waitress but have been eating there since I was 3 years old.  It’s a delicious, thin, breaded filet of fish topped with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and capers in a white wine, […]

How To Find The Perfect Recipe Online

Do ever find yourself scouring over the internet looking for the perfect recipe?  Maybe you’re looking for vegan meals for earth day, a quick brown bag lunch idea, or a recipe to use up your produce that may go bad, but if you are like me, this process usually is overwhelming.  With so many recipes on […]

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