October 2011

After experimenting with pumpkin over the last month, I’m convinced you can add it to anything to make it taste better.  Greek yogurt? Check. Chia seeds and almond milk? Check. Protein Pancakes? Check. Cream Cheese Frosting? Check, again. For Halloween tonight, what better way to celebrate than having a festive breakfast for dinner?  With all […]

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I’ve got a new fusion pilates workout video for you today! But first, I woke up early for a short 2-mile run.  I have the 2nd Urbanathlon for Men’s Health tomorrow and am dreading the weather.  Have you ever been scheduled to run a race in cold rainy weather?  I’m very happy that I did […]


You know the seasons are changing in my household by my breakfast cravings.  That, and also if I have a race coming up.  With the NYC Urbanathlon this Saturday, I’m gearing up by adding more carbs in my diet the week before.  It’s important not to just eat at a pasta buffet the night before […]



Today is the debut of my new series on YouTube called FITSPO.  The first episode features Jen Phelan, a popular Pilates instructor in Boston. What is FITSPO?  My new show focuses on personalities in the health and wellness world.  From following a dream, inspiring others or simply having an unconventional job that helps them live […]


I love butternut squash risotto but it is not exactly the most healthy comfort food recipe.  I made this last week but was unable to upload the pictures since my cord was en route from Chicago.  Using a few simple swaps, I was able to lighten up this fall staple with ease and even made […]


I love eating peanut butter with celery as part of my diet plan for meal #4.  Rarely am I satisfied though with 2 tbsp of peanut butter which comes out to 200 calories.  I eat as much celery as I want but still it’s not the same without peanut butter.  I recently came up with […]


This weekend was dedicated to all things Fall.  From eating pumpkin and squash to watching the Head of the Charles and embarking on my first corn maze, my foliage season seems complete. Friday night I made a delicious faux butternut squash cheesy risotto using quinoa and a laughing cow wedge for a lower calorie/higher protein […]

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It’s Friday, so here is another guest from your favorite intern, Laura! College gyms aren’t exactly like other gyms, in fact, they’re kind of a unique place. You are constantly bombarded by your classmates, dormmates, and that kid you’ve met 100 times but can’t quite remember his name.  High traffic times aren’t pre or post […]


Sometimes life seems to pass in the blink of an eye.  It’s a cliché saying but very, very true.  During the day, I’m so busy checking things off my to-do list that I find it troublesome to think of new ideas.  The last thing I think about is, “What’s for dinner?” lately.  As a stay […]



As a full-time YouTuber, of course I had to bring my Flip cam with me during the Urbanathlon.  I still have not received my bag with my digital camera (tear) but wanted to go ahead and publish this video using a few pictures from others who snapped shots.  Watch me fly over the last giant […]