Dream Job

In 4th grade, my dream job was to be Katie Couric on The Today Show. Then came along The View. It started later, which would mean I’d get to sleep past 5 am, so then that became my dream job. Then in college, realistically I wanted to be a journalist, preferably on camera but I […]

The Number One Diet Tip Put in Use

The number one diet tip is writing down everything you eat. You do not need to write the calories, just jotting it down and holding yourself accountable is enough to help shed pounds. In fact, it’s been proven to double the amount of weight you lose. [Source] My favorite slim down success story featuring a […]

Exciting New Partnership with Everyday Health!

YouTube is launching a new initiative over the next month. They invested $100 million in new networks with big companies like LiveStrong, Meredith Inc, Rodale and Lionsgate. I was contacted before I left for Argentina by Everyday Health to collaborate on a few videos for their new network as part of YouTube’s new investment in […]

Mom Puts 7-Year-Old on a Diet

While I was being lazy last week, an article published in Vogue Magazine caused quite a stir online. I am not a Vogue reader but apparently New York socialites write guest posts and this month’s is just another PR gaffe in the world of beauty magazine thinspiration. A mother shares her ridiculous approach to helping […]

Busy Bee in NYC

After arriving in NYC yesterday at 9:40 AM, I headed to a make shift studio at a lovely apartment near Grand Central Station. For those of you who are not familiar with professional productions, setting up takes up the most time. We did not start filming until 3 pm! We finished at 6:45 pm but […]

NYC For The Day

This morning, I woke up super early to catch a 6:11 AM train to NYC to shoot some videos. Things I love about NYC: Chopped Salads Physique 57, Soul Cycle and other fun fitness classes that are not offered in Boston Seeing my favorite NYC bloggers like Theodora, Bex and Jill. Shooting fun videos with […]

Vegetarian Comfort Food without The Guilt

Shirataki noodles are a staple in my refrigerator. So is Laughing Cow cheese. Combining the two is a quick dinner for me so when I went sent a package of the new Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spread, I knew what I was having later this week. When I got home from vacation, I […]

Be Careful What You Pin!

I have not mentioned Pinterest too much on my blog, but there is no denying its power these days. It is the first social media tool that many of my close friends use as much as Facebook. Better yet, they like following Sarah Fit the brand. I have my Facebook page for friends and family, […]

Slutty Women

One of the highlights for me during my vacation to Buenos Aires was visiting the Eva Peron Museum and seeing her grave. Many of you may know her from Evita, aka Madonna’s character in the Broadway musical. I had forgotten that she died at the very young age of 33 to cervical cancer. My tour […]

Buenos Aires Blogger Travel Advice

After 9 nights in Argentina, I am en route back to my hometown. This has been an incredible vacation. I believe I have never eaten more steak or drank more wine in such a short time period. I also feel as though I have had enough dulce de leche to satisfy a lifetime. I know […]

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