April 2012

While I had the good fortune to take a vacation in March, I also had the opportunity to go again with my girlfriends to Mexico. I don’t usually take vacations so close together but being self-employed, unmarried and without kids, I saw both as awesome opportunities not to be passed over. However, since my income [...]


Do you bring snacks with you when you go on vacation? I always do and am actually in Mexico right now hanging out with my girlfriends from high school so before I left, I shot this video to share with you guys. Here is what I bring with me! The customs took my apple but [...]



Today I bring you a YouTube workout video featuring my favorite butt toning moves inspired by Bar Method (or Barre) and Physique 57 exercise classes. For the past year, these type of workouts have been my favorite for tightening up trouble areas. While I have larger quads than I’d like, these exercises help target and [...]


I love the internet because your voice can be heard. I hate the internet because you can’t sense a person’s voice or sarcasm. So, Victoria Beckham celebrated a birthday yesterday and tweeted a picture of a fruit plate with “Happy Birthday Victoria” around the edge in probably what was chocolate syrup. US Magazine picked up [...]


Whenever I step foot in a Target, it’s inevitable that I will spend $50 on things I did not come to get. Included in my last trip of impulse buys were Gardein BBQ Wings. Let’s clear the air real quick, shall we? I was not paid to write this post. I saw these on Hungry [...]


While today may have been ideal for spectators, the Boston Marathon was anything but for the runners. I was lucky to snag a VIP bleacher seat at the finish line. The temperatures were expected to hit the high 80′s. I sat with my high school girlfriend Stacy (who ran 2-years ago) and her coworker Val. [...]


Marathon Monday

April 16, 2012 · 3 comments

Happy Marathon Monday! Today is the 2012 Boston Marathon and guess who lives about half mile from the finish line? This girl. If you do not live in the area, you might not be aware that we are going to be experiencing record heat. By the time the women and men reach the finish line, [...]


The weather is finally warm enough to go outside for strength training and cardio! To celebrate, I shot a new “Get Bikini Fit” outdoor body weight circuit video. If you haven’t seen a video in awhile, check out my videographer and editor, Rachel’s awesome skills. I’m excited to have her on board and hope you [...]


I recently had blood work done and it came back that I am in the top 1% of healthiest people in their database but I also have high cholesterol. “How can this be?” I wondered when I saw my results. I had to wait only a few hours before I was able to talk to [...]


Last night, I was given to opportunity to “model” the new Ann Taylor. I will be honest, I have not purchased something on my own from Ann Taylor before. Working from home and in the fitness profession, I don’t have a need for their suits and their dresses used to be too conservative for me. [...]