Best Work to Gym Bags

by Sarah on January 30, 2013 · 12 comments

Today, I have a quick review of my favorite gym and work bags. I am not a big fashion girl but I do love my bags.

Best Gym Bag for Work

My current go to bag for going straight to the gym after work is this Oakley Skinny Tote. My lap top fits perfectly on the side in a separate sleeve. It comes with two smaller pockets inside for smaller things like my lip gloss, keys, and business cards. There is a special elastic band too that holds in place your yoga mat. It of course will stick out of the top but still a nice little feature. It fits a ton and is comfortable to carry on your shoulder. It doesn’t down your arm slip at all. It’s now available in purple too for those of you who need a bright bag! If you want it in black and pink, it’s on sale for $50 at too!

IMG 9617

My old go to was this Lululemon bag that I got as part of the G Series Fit campaign I did with Women’s Health Magazine, hence the large Gatorade logo. It is great for fitting my laptop but when the G was embroidered, the long should strap was removed before I got it. As a result, I always had to carry it on my shoulder and it was constantly slipping off due to the shiny fabric and round handles. I finally thought to use the strap from my OGorgeous yoga bag the other day to make it easier to use. Lululemon has great gym bags for style and function. After two years however, this one looks beat up.

IMG 9618

It is large and has two extra pockets as well on the inside. However, I find that the integrity of the inside is kind of disappointing in that it always feels like the bag is collapsing in on itself. It’s like the objects in the pockets are always too heavy despite almost being weight less. There is nothing in the laptop sleeve but doesn’t it look like there is something in it? This is more of a just gym bag given the Gatorade logo for me.

IMG 9619

Right before Christmas, I was sent a LiveWell360 Core bag. It retails for $187 which I think is pretty expensive considering the features. The bag is handmade so the quality is amazing and hence the price. For me, it lost points not being able to fit my lap top or carry a yoga mat like their other two bag styles do. It does come with a separate compartment for dirty sneakers which is feature I did like. The Luxx can carry a yoga mat and your lap top (plus sneaker compartment) while the Accel is a smaller, cheaper option that is great for carrying a yoga mat, water bottle, towel and other accessories you might need for class. Their straps are made out of seat belt material, comfortable on the shoulder and will not fray or unravel. The zippers are smooth, an issue (and pet peeve of mine) for cheap yoga bags. If you are a yogi who practices afterwork and need your own mat, the Luxx is definitely a bag to potentially invest in. The Core is fine, but an extra $20, the Luxx is much more versatile in my opinion.

IMG 9561

This guy gets used more than you think! While yes, it makes me look like I’m 10 years old, it’s great for bringing my laptop and full gym outfit with me to work. It had two side pockets for a water bottle and umbrella. I also like using this when I travel through airports. For some reason having a suitcase, shoulder bag and purse can be a bit much to juggle. The backpack makes like a little easier in my opinion. This is also the most affordable option on here.

IMG 9620

These are my two go to bags for work. The Vineyard Vines is my preppy New England look and the one on the right is my serious business lady bag. I see girls at the gym bring their Louis Vuitton bags and throw them on the floor next to their treadmill with dirty Uggs inside. While I do bring this bag on occasion to Bar Method, I basically store socks, a tank and capri pants inside. I would never ever recommend this as a gym bag but it’s size is perfect for a high powered business meeting and heading off to go tuck afterwards. The Vineyard vines on the other hand can be zipped up to keep the items inside from spilling out. There is not laptop sleeve but it does have a bunch of little pockets inside. It is comfy to carry when heavy on my shoulder as well.

IMG 9621

As you can see, my laptop is must. I don’t always need sneakers and I don’t always need a yoga mat, but I almost always need my computer if I’m bringing a bag. Often I just run to and from the gym to make my workouts more efficient. You might be thinking, “Don’t you work from home? Why do you need a work/gym bag?” I do not love working at home. I prefer to work in an office setting when I can. I rent space at a shared office in Boston. It’s great for using a printer, meeting clients and removing distractions.

What kind of gym bag do you use? Can it fit your laptop or yoga mat? Do you use the same bag for work or do you have separate ones? 

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1 jin January 30, 2013 at 1:58 pm

thanks for sharing…I’ve been looking for new gym bag!

xo, jin


2 Liana@RunToMunch January 30, 2013 at 2:44 pm

I’m cheap, i use a gym bag I got for $11 at old Navy. It has a pocked and space for everything I need =)


3 Carly D. @ CarlyBananas January 30, 2013 at 3:34 pm

I have this bag from Athleta and it’s really perfect:

It has two zipper sections so I can throw my work stuff on the left side and my gym stuff on the right – keeps me from having to lug a ton of bags with me. It’s great :)


4 Jessica January 30, 2013 at 4:11 pm

I have the Under Armour Endure bag. It is durable, with lots of pockets and straps for a yoga mat. Very roomy, for a fraction of the cost of the Luxx bag. Just tough to find because it’s sold out in a lot of stores.


5 Sarah January 30, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Ooh i love the Oakley Tote…I need a gym bag, I usually use a little handmade bag that fits shorts and a top and like 1 sneaker. Or I just throw everything in my car… it is an embarrassment, really!


6 Allison January 30, 2013 at 4:47 pm

All of the bags I use for the gym are the “gift with purchase” ones from Victoria’s Secret. I probably have half a dozen. None of them have laptop pockets (not something I need anyway because I don’t need to carry a laptop everyday), but they’re always super bright and easily hold all of my stuff. If you don’t like the color pink, though, you will hate these bags. For a free bag I get for buying things I had already intended to, they’re perfect! And they don’t seem to fall apart right away.


7 Sarah January 30, 2013 at 5:03 pm

I have a blue one that I used to use for overnight events. They do work well! I think I have like 4 lying around from over the past ten years lol… I’m sort of a hoarder when it comes to bags.


8 Danielle @ D. Sells Seashells January 30, 2013 at 10:11 pm

I need a new gym bag so bad! The one I am using is a massive tote but it doesn’t zip closed. The problem is that I need a massive bag as I typically leave the house with work clothes + lunch + books for the gym + gym shoes + spin shoes (some days), and if i have my laptop on top of that, I’m SOL!


9 Shay January 30, 2013 at 11:51 pm

My gym to work bags are quite important to me as I go from the gym in the morning and then to work.

I have a black Agnes B travel boston bag (no photo to show) and a black Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag (

These days, I also use my new brown leather Givenchy travel boston which I am loving right now.

No computer pockets as I don’t carry my laptop around much except on business trips. I carry a separate shoe bag most of the time as putting everything on my shoulders are just too much to bear.


10 Emily January 31, 2013 at 10:41 am

I use this ( super organizing utility tote from Thirty-One when I going straight to the gym from work it has space for extras of everything and my boyfriend gave me this bag (,default,pd.html?start=4&cgid=3010300) the Giam “Everything Fits” bag in green which I generally tote for yoga and pilates classes because it’s a little smaller and I don’t need my sneakers, but both of them would definitely fit a lap top and all have extra pockets. I love them both!

For work I usually just tote a big black tote that is similar to a brief case but softer from Kennth Cole… but usually if I’m just leaving the office for thenight I’ll just carry my computer with my purse hah.

Thanks for sharing!


11 Taylor @ January 31, 2013 at 12:55 pm

wow, what a bag collection! I have to admit I am jealous. I use whatever I can get my hands on. Right now it seems my reebok bag is closest to me in the closet. So that’s my go to. But I really want this Spartina bag to go with my purse!


12 Angel February 1, 2013 at 10:10 pm

I dont have gym bags because I don’t go to the gym. I workout at home or the park but If I did, I’d go crazy for gym bags. I see so many cute ones! Lol, I have enough purses already, gym bags wouldn’t do me any good.



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