Last night, I had the chance of lifetime of meeting Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge, Steven Tyler!  Occasionally, I report for a nightlife TV show here in Boston but rarely do I get the gigs with the famous people.  I was very nervous to interview him but thankfully unfortunately there were so many reporters I was only able to ask him 1 question and that was “Could you please say, ‘Hi I’m Stephen Tyler and I love that Dirty Water TV?'”  He looked dead straight in my eyes so intensely I felt slightly awkward and gave the show our shout out.

I saw Mila Kunis at the gym again yesterday as well so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I no longer get star struck.

A few days ago on YouTube I posted a new gym free summer vacation workout video.  If you haven’t seen it, then you probably are not a subscriber so go make sure you subscribe!  Anyway, here are the details.  It’s a beginner-intermediate workout based on a little Pilates and gold standard strength training moves.  You do not need any equipment, but you do need willpower on vacation to make it happen.

Here is the routine:

  • 1 crunch
  • 1 single leg bridge on the left followed by 1 on the right
  • 2 crunches
  • 2 single leg bridges on the left side, followed by 2 on the right
  • 3 crunches
  • 3 single leg bridges on the left side, followed by 2 on the right
  • Repeat until you hit 10 crunches and 10 hip lifts

Come down on to your side, knees at a 90 degree angle so that your knees are in line with hips, feet flexed.

  • 20 clams (open and close)
  • 10 leg circles to the front
  • 10 leg circles to the back
  • Repeat 2 more times
  • 10 V-Twist side crunches
  • Switch sides and repeat on alternate side

Finish with 3 sets of 12 pushups!  Rest for 45 seconds in between sets.  Here is a link to the Summer Vacation Workout video as well if you prefer to watch it on YouTube.

Questions: Who is the biggest celeb you have encountered?  Do you workout while on vacation?

Gym Free Summer Vacation Workout

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    Hands down… Jake Gyllenhaal! Got photo taken with him during sophomore year of college. It’s still a great celeb story!!

    I also met “Uncle Rico” from Napoleon Dynamite and got a photo with him too. :)

    P.S. I really like the new font on your blog! In the process of making the WP switch myself right now.

    • Sarah

      lol! Uncle Rico?! That’s pretty funny but Jake is an amazing one! I’ve seen a lot but only spoken to a few. And thanks! The switch is not that hard as long as you don’t mind getting comments from people saying, “None of your links work” lol…

  • melanie

    great workout! some new moves that i haven’t seen or tried before (i.e. the clam).

    my biggest celebrity story is having orlando bloom nearly cut me in line for the bathroom at a party (although, he was quite gentlemanly and backed off when he saw me there and said, ‘oh, were you waiting?’ *swoon*). actually, that entire party was full of crazy celebrities (randomly got to join some friends when i was visiting LA), so it was sort of surreal for little ol’ me. but it was fun!

    • Sarah

      The clam is harder if you have a band to wrap around right under your knees. Add lots of reps if you haven’t done it before to feel the burn :) Also, that is quite the experience! To be at a party is much different than working the press line!

  • Brittany

    I’m headed to the beach right now. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try your workout.

    I’ve met several band members of bands but the only real celeb was Rachel Bilson when I was in LA last year. I didn’t talk to her though. :/

  • Lisa

    I love the workout clothes you’re wearing in the video! Where did you get them from?

    I’ve met a lot of Austrian and German celebrities, but not any worth mentioning.

  • Katie

    This might be a silly question, but in the video you say to repeat three times…. is that repeat three sets of 12 push ups? Or repeat three sets of the entire routine?

  • Tiffany

    I’m on vacation now and remembered you did a video on it. I just finished it! The pushups were the worst and I hate when my thighs burn! Thanks for a good workout :)