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  • Darci

    I can’t wait to make that quiche! It looks delicious! Leg warmers are so cute, but I’m not sure how to pull them off either!

  • Brittany

    Oh my goodness how did I never think of leg warmers! Such a good idea for the winter months and all the workout capris, it will keep me from having to layer up every time I head out to the gym or yoga!

  • Courtney

    I have a pair of leg warmers from American Apparel a couple years ago. I am just as preppy as you but I still rock them on cold days when i’m wearing cropped workout pants. I’ve even worn them to ride my bike to work on chilly days in the spring/fall when i’m wearing my jcrew minnies.
    My theory is who cares what you look like, you are warm (and maybe a little funk in your wardrobe will pick up your step for the day)

  • Lynn

    I loved this post.. I want those hair ties and leg warmers. So stinking cute. Can’t wait to wear the headbands to the gym. I have very long curly hair which I straighten. I hate the crease that hair ties give me but I have to pull my hair back. Excited to see how these work. Hopefully they work in thick hair. Thanks Sarah, I love your blog and tell everyone about it!!!! :)