My First Yoga Festival Experience

June 28, 2012 · 6 comments

On Day 2 of Wanderlust I woke up a little late and barely caught my first session at 8 AM. I decided to go for two hikes in one day since Timberland was hosting them and they invited me to the festival.
We met at the Timberland booth which was made of plastic bottles. Timberland was the official greening partner of the festival.

Courtesy: Jeff Heimbach

We’ve teamed up with Timberland to set up a streamlined program to process landfill trash, recycling, and biodegradable (compostable) materials, such as food, paper products, and bio-plastics, at our festival. This system typically reduces trash to the landfill by 80% to 90%. Wanderlust will provide waste stations for festival goers and supply staff there to explain their proper usage and function.  Wanderlust will also arrange for separate dumpsters and hauling for recycling, compost and trash. [Wanderlust Festival]

Courtesy: Jeff Heimbach

Everywhere you went, there were these brown tents that had trash, compost and recycling options. At a large festival like this, trash can get pretty outta hand. I wasn’t told to bring my water bottle but I was glad I did! I would have felt like quite the loser if I hadn’t… kidding… sorta not really.

Courtesy: Jeff Heimbach

I loved that the festival provided local and organic food when possible. Every shop and tent had something I wanted to try!

The morning hike was a quick 20 minutes that brought us to the top of a mountain. We were suppose to meditate, which I am not used to doing on my own, while listening to a musician play. It was beautiful, but I think I lost the meaning in my inability to “chillax”. I didn’t care though because next I was going to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

I am in love with this sport. SO MUCH FUN. If you go on vacation and see it offered, I guarantee you will not regret it. It was not too challenging, but just enough to feel driven to master the movements. The boards run pricey so be prepared to drop at least $1000 for a good board. There are classes offered around the country so there really is no need if you just want to try it.

Afterwards was my final hike, a challenging one at that! We went straight up Stratton Mountain. We basically followed a blue square ski trail from the bottom up. I was breathing hard and sweaty heavy half way up. I loved it. Anything that gives me a physical challenge and I can talk to a friend while doing it, get’s an A+ in my book. I wish there were more mountains closer Boston.

At the top, I took a sigh of relief that we were not going any further. It was about a 45 minute climb with a 40 minute descent. Timberland provided me with a pair of hiking shoes that were really comfortable and stylish! I had to leave for a wedding after my hiking session which meant I missed seeing Ani Difranco and Ziggy Marley perform live as well as a delicious farm to table dinner. I would love to go back next year, as long as I don’t have another wedding because I’ll be sure to stay the entire time!

When I told a few people I was going to Wanderlust, their first reaction was to ask if I was going to come back with a “Spirit Animal” or new life meaning. While this type of event definitely attracts the free-spirit/yoga hippies you probably think of when you hear about my schedule in Vermont, but there were probably more people like myself who really love all forms of fitness (on Thursday and Friday) than strict yogis. This event was for beginners to advanced. Heck, you could listen to lectures all day if you wanted. I wish I had the time to sit on a few of the talks.

I’m curious if there are more festivals like this that are so devoted to health and fitness? If you know of one, let me know below in the comments. Would you go to a festival like Wanderlust? I kind of want to start my own but with all types of classes. I’m immediately overwhelmed at the thought of planning…

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1 Suzanne June 29, 2012 at 12:56 am

I would kill to go to Wunderlust Whistler!!


2 Sana June 29, 2012 at 3:22 am

The festival sounds like a blast!


3 Kristy Doyle June 29, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Off topic, your arms are looking pretty awesome. It would be amazing if you could do a video about it! :)


4 Shannon June 29, 2012 at 8:39 pm

I’ve had the same idea of creating a festival or a 5k a few times. This year I’ve decided to go after the 5k idea and I’m nervous about all of the work but I know it will be for a good cause. There is a convention going on in Baltimore that sounds pretty awesome. Good Luck with whatever you decide :)


5 Sarah June 29, 2012 at 8:48 pm

That’s awesome, Shannon! I’m actually going to be speaking at Fitbloggin! Can’t wait :)


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