Running Postpartum with a Jogging Stroller

There isn’t an easy answer about when you can safely begin to use a jogging stroller. On one hand you can find resources that say it’s OK to run with your 3 month old in a car seat using an adapter. But most jogging stroller brands recommend waiting at least until 6 or 8 months with the factory model seat. On it’s website, Bob recommends waiting until your child is 8 months.

Six months is when babies begin to sit up and have head control which is where the recommendation comes from. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to wait a little more for most infants.

I am not patient however… I also have a tendency not to read directions. Sorry.

Jogging Stroller Chicco Tre on Beach

I was sent the Chicco Tre while I was pregnant and used it in the beginning as my regular stroller to get through the snow with my car seat clipped in. I used it on long walks. I thought I could use it once Tommy was 3 months old for running but chose to wait because that is what Chicco suggested on their website. In fact, they suggest waiting until baby is a year to run! Walking is OK with the car seat starting at birth.

Now that Tommy is almost 6 months old (and 22lbs), he is sitting up well and has really good head control.

Still with his car seat, I’ve begun to run with Tommy. The car seat provides extra support and stability for his head and neck. I would not run without the car seat and his head wobbles more on the brick sidewalks of Boston walking! I don’t go off roading with the baby and the paved stretched I’ve used it on so far have recently been paved for a smooth ride.

I’d love to have a big review comparing jogging strollers but the Chicco Tre is the only one I can really talk about since it is the only one I’ve used. People have asked on Instagram which is the best, and I don’t honestly know since I do not have experience. I like Lucie’s list and Baby Gear Lab for reviews that go into serious detail comparing all the models.

I’m most excited to try out the Thule Urban Glide and Bob Revolution Flex next. I have a friend who offered to let me test out her Bob on the cape and I guess I’ll have to find a Thule in the mean time.

After using a jogging stroller for just 3 weeks however, I do have some thoughts I wanted to share with my mommas who might want to buy a jogging stroller in the future.

Running is not the same! It’s not an freeing or enjoyable as it once felt. I didn’t expect it to be but after 3 or 4 miles, I’m happy to be done. I don’t wear headphones but still play music quietly from my iPhone in the cup holder.

I only run on freshly paved paths or side walks. In the city, I wait until I get to the esplanade running and biking paths. This tacks on an extra 30 mins to any runs. The brick sidewalks are too bumpy. The stop lights are a pain and yes, you now have to wait for the walk sign.

The stroller is 30 lbs plus Tommy who is pushing 22. The lightest one I could find is the Thule which is just over 20 lbs.

Pushing isn’t fun and you’re constantly trying to keep it going in a straight line. I bet this is different with each stroller but this is my experience with the Tre. I like that the front wheel on the Tre is not locked though. I would definitely recommend a stroller with a wheel that is NOT locked.

In addition, you’re also worried about the sun and if it is in the baby’s eyes. This is stressful, not to mention you’re trying to keep the baby happy and entertained too unless they are asleep.

Your pace is not nearly as quick as it would be either. I have however been passed in races by people pushing jogging strollers!

So, should you buy a jogging stroller as a second stroller?

That depends on your needs. If you are a runner like me, home most of the time without help, then I would say yes if you can afford it AND have space to store it. The Chicco Tre is $380 and the other two I mentioned above are $400 and $480. The cheapest one, Baby Trend Expedition is just under $150 on Amazon. They are big and living in the city, space is a precious commodity.

I love going to fitness studios for workouts when child care is offered but it’s nice to get in a workout on our schedule and when we travel. I brought the jogger as my main stroller to the Cape the past few weekends. It’s been nice to have Tommy join me for my Saturday workout. It may not compare to the freedom of running by yourself, but it makes you feel like you can go where ever you want for a little while.

If you are not a runner, then obviously save your money. However…

One of my friends who is not a runner did get a Bob as her regular stroller. She loves it. You can walk briskly with a good stroller, pause and do some burpees, pushups and planks for an outdoor workout. I have one coming next week for you on Thursday on YouTube.

Also, you don’t need one until your baby is at least 6 months if it will be used as a jogger unless you use your car seat

This blog post was not sponsored. Chicco did provide me with a jogging stroller for review consideration though. 


Running Postpartum with a Jogging Stroller

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  • tami

    if you don’t listen to Another Mother Runner Podcast and following them on FB/social media it might be helpful. they have a giveaway right now for a stroller

  • Courtney

    I’m a marathon runner and expecting my first child in October. I registered for the Thule urban glide after lots of research. I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Sarah

      It’s so funny to me that I hadn’t heard of them until recently. I just assumed Bob was the best but it looks like Thule has matched or beaten them. I want to try both to compare.

  • Kaitlin

    I have the BOB revolution and found that baby and me experience a MUCH smoother ride with the front wheel locked. Also, I know the BOB’s site rec. waiting because, for their stroller at least, the infant bucket seat (even though they offer an adapter) is not meant to run with…the center of gravity is heavier at a higher level making it more prone to tip over (just what I’ve read). I think you will love the BOB it was the only thing I truly wanted off our registry.

  • Gin

    My husband and I are both runners and have loved the Thule Chariot (with running wheel attachment & infant sling) and have found it fantastic for running with our 10 month old- both on road and off road. We got the green light from our pediatrician to start running before 6 months and Baby loves it! We have also gotten the bike and ski attachment kits (for cross country skiing) and it’s been awesome! The biggest downfall with it is how large it is and not super easily portable -- good for living in the ‘burbs but not the city as much?

  • Marieve

    I second the Thule chariot (cougar, double stroller) for running, biking , Roller blading etc. We have the infant sling as well, works well for our 3 months old baby. Since he’s still young I do intervals and he’s starting slowly to enjoy the ride. Very pricy (starts at 799$ (CAN) without any attachments but worth it. Downfall: the cougar doesn’t fit in our Nissan Rogue SUV once foled (realized that after purchase but the Chinook does). Really good investment since we’re thinking of having more kids.

  • Kristina @ Appetite for Instruction

    I have the BOB Revolution Flex (bought at Magic Beans in Cambridge b/c I like to support local businesses) and love it! I can see using it as a regular stroller, especially if dealing with snowy sidewalks (we put our baby in it pre-running during winter walks early this year) or bumpy roads, or doing longer walks. I find it a little wieldy in some areas of Cambridge / Somerville (and haven’t even dared take it to Boston yet). One of my non-runner friends who lives in Waltham and usually drives everywhere never even owned a caddy-type click-in base for her infant car seat…it was BOB from day 1.

    I found running with the BOB so much harder than I thought (especially because any route out from our condo is downhill and for some reason that feels awkward with T-rex stroller arms while warming up). At my worst, I get flashbacks to the Mt. Washington Road Race, and at my best I feel like I’m working hard and I want to high five the other running moms I see out on the Minuteman or on the streets. Would love to work up to racing a 5K with the BOB one day!

    One of my runner girlfriends highly recommends Thule as well.

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