Is Anna Kournikova the new Jillian Michaels?

Tomorrow night at the end of The Biggest Loser Season 12 finale, there will be a big announcement.  As most of you know, Jillian Michaels will be stepping down to focus on adopting and raising a child.  However continuing the trend of hiring un-credentialed personal trainers like Cara Castronova, the show will announce former tennis hottie Anna Kournikova […]

Who is the new Biggest Loser female trainer?

Last night we were given a glimpse into the new trainers for The Biggest Loser.   If you didn’t watch, here is recap from blog buddy, Gail. While watching the challenge (which is when I started watching), I immediately concluded that regardless of Bob and Jillian, the “losers” should choose the 4 weeks of immunity.  Even […]

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