This week, Jennifer Aniston joined social media for the day by taking over Living Proof’s instagram account. I am obsessed with LP hair products and have always liked Jenn so this was an event I had to check out. My social studies teacher told me in 10th grade I reminded him of Rachel Green. Ever […]


Earlier this week, Candice Swanepoel caused a bit of a controversy showing off her boney hips in an Instagram picture a few days before the Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show. In the past, anorexia rumors have been rumored but she has denied claims. Fans instantly defended the 6-year veteran Angel against critics who said she […]


I love the internet because your voice can be heard. I hate the internet because you can’t sense a person’s voice or sarcasm. So, Victoria Beckham celebrated a birthday yesterday and tweeted a picture of a fruit plate with “Happy Birthday Victoria” around the edge in probably what was chocolate syrup. US Magazine picked up […]


There are so many thing I want to talk about today! Sometimes I think I should start a podcast because I just want to share and chat about so many things. I love listening to podcasts when I fall asleep or need a little inspiration. My favorite sleepy time podcast is Freakonomics by the same […]



In a new chapter of celebrity branded products, Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller announced last night on Conan that she has been designing her own line of stand up paddle boards.  A relatively new sport here in the states (or at least the east coast), paddle boarding is much like standing […]



Last night, I had the chance of lifetime of meeting Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge, Steven Tyler!  Occasionally, I report for a nightlife TV show here in Boston but rarely do I get the gigs with the famous people.  I was very nervous to interview him but thankfully unfortunately there were so many […]


I just had to post this.  Beiber’s hair doesn’t even move when he works out.  I feel like he needs a headband to keep his bangs out of his face.  ( Justin Bieber’s Workout Routine!)

If you watching the Grammy’s surely you want to know how to get Lady Gaga’s abs!  Thankfully I made this video this summer but here it is again.  Enjoy!

During the debut of his show on Monday night, Oprah Winfrey tells Piers Morgan that when her film “Beloved” came out in 1998, its lack of success during opening weekend caused her to go into “a massive, depressive macaroni and cheese-eating tailspin.” (via Oprah: I binged on 30 lbs. of mac and cheese – Entertainment […]

Last night, ABC News aired a really interesting program on Women and Dieting.  It featured celebs who have lost successfully, those who were airbrushed for a cover that lied about weight loss success, and nutritionists rating the diets of the celebs among other topics.  They also featured a segment on Bethenny Frankel.  To my surprise […]