This weekend, I finished my first double digit long run of 10 miles! What an accomplishment.  I am running the Chicago Urbanathlon this Saturday.  Nervous and excited, I can’t wait to visit the city of Oprah.  I’m trying to plan out my trip, so if you have been or live there and have a suggestion, […]


While away on vacation, I found it easy to stick to my fitness routine with the help of a wake up buddy, scheduled workouts and the burden of alcohol consumption from the night before.  Here is what I did: Wednesday: Tom Holland’s ACK Fit Bootcamp at Jetties Beach Thursday: Interval Run – Warm up 5 […]


The past week I was down in New York City fulfilling one of my duties as a blogger on CTC is a website run by Gatorade, Women’s Health and Men’s Health to promote the Urbanathlon series.  I took the train down Tuesday night for a day of testing to begin on Wednesday at Peak […]


As a blogger, labeling recipes as Vegan or Gluten Free is a tricky decision.  On one hand, non vegan readers may think this recipe is not for them.  Some automatically think, gross, while other’s like me are intrigued.  Many of my recipes are unintentionally vegan and gluten free but I eat neither diet purposefully.  When […]


I always buy too many bananas and am looking for things to put them in by the end of the week.  Last night’s concoction was amazing and simple!  I used my banana to make healthy little muffins to satisfy my lingering sweet tooth, but I think these would be better if baked on a cookie sheet. […]

Bananas are inexpensive and full of nutrients.  I put 1/2 of one in my oatmeal for breakfast or before a morning workout for quick energy.  Every once in awhile though, I buy too many and they start to go bad before I can eat them all!  They are perfect to freeze for smoothies or banana […]


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Healthier Homemade Creme Eggs Recipe… Move Over Cadbury!

Omg. Dessert heaven. The Stonyfield Oikos Greek caramel yogurt is to die for! Just 100 calories too! I added slivered almonds. I promise they didn’t tell me to post this, it was just on sale at Whole Foods this week.  Go buy it now. You won’t regret it.

These White Chocolate Candy Cane Oreo balls are deadly.  They are NOT healthy but irresistable.  If you want to bring coworkers a treat to die for, make these!  I posted them last year and they were one of the most popular blogs of the year.  I decided to change the recipe a little bit this […]

Claire Wiegand’s Recipes – Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie – vegan How delicious does this look?  Screw holiday cookies, someone make me this