Today is National Gingerbread House day. I’m not sure what that means, but recently I decorated my own at 57 Chestnut in Beacon Hill. It was so much fun! I went with a group of girls from the Junior League. We had to make a reservations months in advance. It apparently is quite the tradition […]


This morning marks my first cold of the winter. I rarely get sick since I started working from home but it’s just that much harder to pull off productive work days. I’m convinced the double trips New York on the train is what did me in. My brother is in town this weekend from Los […]


New video from featuring myself and the lovely Cassey from  This video featuring an oblique Pilates workout!  It’s done in real time on just one side so you’ll need to watch it twice to get the complete workout. Once on the right, and once on the left side. Check it out now, do […]


Watch the newest video that I produced for DietHealth on YouTube featuring Cassey’s Top 3 Pilates Abs Moves!  It’s done it real time but should be repeated 2 more times for a good ab burning workout.  Let me know if you enjoyed this video by sharing on twitter, leaving a comment below or reblogging on […]

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This move is awesome if you sit as a desk all day or are looking to tone up the “bra strap”  area. Tone Up Your Back – Video (by diethealth)


Happy St Patrick’s Day!  Here in Boston, we are celebrating hard.  Everyone is Irish here in Beantown, at least for today.  Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or meat eater, here are a few green veggie side dish recipes that feature kale, bok choy and collard greens.  Before I filmed this video, I had never […]

Happy Monday! Do you need a new leg workout video to slim down those thighs for spring time?  Check out the newest video featuring Cassey and myself.  


I’ve always liked Pilates.  For those who are not familiar with the form of exercise, it was created by a guy named Joseph Pilates around 1925 in New York City.  He studied Yoga, gymnastics, body building, martial arts and created ultimately a fusion that he originally called “Contrology”.   to promote better posture and create a […]

Valentine’s Day Abs workout video featuring my favorite trainer Mike D!  Enjoy  

Last night, ABC News aired a really interesting program on Women and Dieting.  It featured celebs who have lost successfully, those who were airbrushed for a cover that lied about weight loss success, and nutritionists rating the diets of the celebs among other topics.  They also featured a segment on Bethenny Frankel.  To my surprise […]