My Secret Staples For Healthy Meals All Week

Buying groceries is stressful.  Even the grocery lists provided in magazines for weekly meal planning seem exhausting.  It would cost a fortune to follow to those things to a T.  I mean really, do you need fresh parsley, dill and cilantro?  Sure if I could buy one serving, but that is rarely the case.  Come […]

This weekend I met up with some healthy bloggers, 

This weekend I met up with some healthy bloggers, Theodora ,Lizzy and Becky. It was my first time meeting Theodora and Becky.  Liz and I have an awkward number of  mutual friends and probably ran track against each other in High School although we don’t really remember.  Theodora is a fellow Tumblr who was visiting from NYC and Becky […]

Do you have cheat days or cheat meals?

When trying to “eat healthy” or “be good” we often deprive ourselves of foods we may be craving or love. However, depriving yourself may lead to bingeing which can set off a chain reaction of unhealthy behaviors.     “I’ll start my healthy eating habit tomorrow,” or “Today is my cheat day,” are common unhealthy excuses and/or habits […]

Win a Gymboss Interval Timer This Week!

If you receive my newsletter, you already know I’m giving away a Gymboss this week.  How do you enter you ask?  Well first, sign up for the newsletter.  I am only sending out 6 emails for the time being.  I will not spam you.  The 6 emails are sent on Monday’s for a 6 week […]

10 New Diet Books For 2011

Throw away those Oreos! It’s the time of year that book publishers pump out diet books to keep up with the flurry of this-time-for-sure New Year’s resolutions. From diets that allow you to eat chocolate to those that encourage a no-animal-product policy, here are ten new, notable offerings, arranged in alphabetical order. (TIME) Read more: […]

How To Become a Morning Exerciser

Link: How To Become a Morning Exerciser Go to bed early. Don’t hit the snooze button. Pack a bag the night before. Read more details and how to do it by reading my exclusive blog on City Sports’ Blog.

New Firefly Sweet Tea with Truvia!

Just in time for my birthday in March, Firefly has announced that they will be introducing a new vodka to their Sweet Tea line called “Skinny Tea.”  Co-founder Scott Newitt, said: “Firefly Skinny Tea is our original sweet tea flavored vodka, minus the sugar. It is still infused with South Carolina tea but the difference […]

Top 5 Holiday Tips To Prevent Weight Gain | City Sports Blog

Link: Top 5 Holiday Tips To Prevent Weight Gain | City Sports Blog Check out my exclusive blog for City Sports

Daily Challenge: Share a Positive Benefit of Exercise

Today’s Daily Challenge is to share 2-3 benefits of exercise with others. I am sharing my top 3 favorite benefits I get from physical activity and exercise on my blog and on YouTube! Although small, these little changes make a big impact. 1. Increase in energy. Exercise is so important in my daily living that […]

Want to Keep Pounds Off? Keep Exercising – TIME Healthland

Link: Want to Keep Pounds Off? Keep Exercising – TIME Healthland Many people that visit my site are looking to lose weight and already know that to keep weight regular exercise is crucial.  But for those who just like to eat healthy forgoing time at the gym, research shows that as we agewe inevitably gain […]

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