Get yourself some lean looking arms with my new exercise video!  In this video, I use light weights (3 lbs) for those of you who are afraid of getting “bulky.”  However, I do have an important disclaimer.  You will not look bulky even if you lift 30 lb dumbbells, ladies, unless you’re genetically more muscluar.  But […]

Happy Monday! Do you need a new leg workout video to slim down those thighs for spring time?  Check out the newest Diet.com video featuring Cassey and myself.  


Do you hate lifting weights and but want to find a way to tone your lower body? Try this Pilates/Fitness Fusion leg workout I just uploaded on my own YouTube channel. It’s a hybrid of the Pilates side leg series with a few of my favorite side butt burners.  This workout features 6 moves, and […]

Link: City Sports Blog: 5-minute Total Body Pilates Workout Most of you already saw this, but in case you missed it, this is one amazing workout!


I’ve always liked Pilates.  For those who are not familiar with the form of exercise, it was created by a guy named Joseph Pilates around 1925 in New York City.  He studied Yoga, gymnastics, body building, martial arts and created ultimately a fusion that he originally called “Contrology”.   to promote better posture and create a […]