Tumblr I love you, but something is missing

I love Tumblr because it allows me to follow my favorite blogs very easily.  However I always forget to check the rest of them.  I just discovered this site called bloglovin and I’m lovin it so far.  Now I can stay connected to my non Tumblr friends like Maggie and Liz.  Yay!  Now go follow […]

“Bitch, it’s winter.” Agreed. 

“Bitch, it’s winter.” Agreed. 

A Social Network Christmas The pastor at my mother’s church showed

A Social Network Christmas The pastor at my mother’s church showed this last night and I thought it was so cute, I found it on YouTube so I could share it with all of you for today.  If Facebook existed on Jesus’ actual birthday, it might have looked something like this I imagine…

Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I just wanted to share with all of you two things that I am thankful for this year. 1. My friends and family’s health.  I am blessed to have little to worry about in this category.  I know one day I will not be as lucky given the rate of cancer these […]

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