This morning I could not get out of bed.  I started with my usual routine:  Drank 32 oz of water, made myself some instant coffee (because I am lazy), whipped up the Tone It Up protein pancake and cut myself a 1/2 a grapefruit. (This pic is from last weekend when I substituted the grapefruit [...]


Every Monday, as most of you know, I make sure to start my day off right with a healthy breakfast.  I’m still obsessed with the TIU Protein Pancake (recipe).  It satisfies me and doesn’t give me the carbo-load hangover I get when I have too many carbs in the morning.  It’s super easy to make as well. [...]


Today, June 1st, is National Running Day.  What does this actually mean anyway?  If you go running, are you really helping support a specific cause?  Will more people be out and about getting their jog on?   Here is what the official running day website says: You may run alone, but on National Running Day, [...]


This past weekend, I volunteered at the New Balance Girls On The Run 5K on the Esplanade.  Although I am not a coach for GOTR, I was invited to help out after my little gig with The Life Well Laughed Project.   Read about my experience here.   I would love to be a coach [...]

Just got back from a 35 minute interval workout: 5 min – Warm Up 0.25 mi – Fast 0.25 mi – Steady Repeat until .25 from home 0.25 mi – Cool down Repeat until home!  This is one of my favorite workouts.  If you don’t have a GPS or iPhone or Treadmill, run fast for [...]


I posted on Twitter how difficult my run was this afternoon and got a ton of feedback from followers telling me they thought it was just them!  They were relieved to hear I had a similar experience. On the east coast, we are experiencing a pretty drastic rise in temps and mugginess.  It seems as [...]


Wake Up For A Fitness Challenge! “Well, hello Spring!” While is Australia, I re-discovered how much I loved working out in the morning.  When I returned home, I realized how much I hated working out while it was still dark out and freezing.   Now that warm weather (before 9 am) has arrived, I’ve decided [...]


Were you inspired to run a marathon yesterday?  I know I was.  I watched the last .2 miles of the Boston Marathon yesterday in awe of the determination and endurance of the 27,000 runners who ran.  Every year I say, I’m going to run next year.  I then go out for an easy long jog [...]

I currently have an iPod touch, iPod nano and iPhone.  Excessive? Maybe.  But each has a special functionality in my opinion.  The iPod is for my excessive use of apps without using all my phone’s juice and listening to Pandora while I work.  The iPod nano for long runs in hot weather (that arm band [...]

Link: 4 Workouts to Make the Most of Your Treadmill Time I HATE the treadmill. I didn’t use to, but ever since I found running in the cold to be amazingly therapeutic, I realized I cannot stand to run more than 15 minutes on the thing. I only use the treadmill when I am doing [...]

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