5 Surprising Ways To Nutritiously Satisfy A Sweet Tooth After Dinner

I’ve always had a sweet tooth but I believe I’ve trained myself to want something sweet after I eat a meal. I wish I hadn’t and I’ve tried too many times to count to train myself to NOT want sugar after dinner but it’s easier said than done. Instead, I’ve found surprisingly healthy ways to […]

How Healthy Are You? My Wake Up Call

When it comes to being “healthy” what comes to mind? Is it weight, body fat percentage, getting your daily dose of vitamins, regular exercise, free from disease, not feeling depressed or having energy throughout the day? As we get older, our perception of what health is and looks like changes. We might have been overly […]

How much sugar do you eat in a day?

Yesterday, Everyday Health uploaded tons of new content including my exclusive “No Gym, No Problem.” playlist! Here it is: So it has been almost a full week that I’ve been writing down what I’ve been eating. At first, I was just writing everything down with a pen and paper. A reader on Facebook suggested I […]

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Banana Frosting Recipe

As a blogger, labeling recipes as Vegan or Gluten Free is a tricky decision.  On one hand, non vegan readers may think this recipe is not for them.  Some automatically think, gross, while other’s like me are intrigued.  Many of my recipes are unintentionally vegan and gluten free but I eat neither diet purposefully.  When […]

What is the Single Best Exercise?

Link: What is the Single Best Exercise? According to the New York Times, the single best exercise may be High Intensity Intervals up a case of stairs (or HIIT) – as long as you already exercise.  The NYT is on fire with good content the past few days.   Another must read is Sunday’s Magazine […]