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  • Christie

    Congrats! That’s awesome. Your blog truly is great for teens and young adults. It answers all questions that come up in the life of a young women regarding nutrition, trends, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Roni

    Sarah, what an honor!!! You must be doing the, “Happy Cat Dance”. I’m just soo tickled for you. You were the first gal I found on youtube for what I call “moves” that I use in my classes that I teach at L.A. Fitness. You made it so simple and fun. I was able to enhance my classes tremendously with your help. My classes are fun, challenging, never boring, and you were the one that helped me get there. I teach Bodyworks/Abs as well as Aqua Fit classes. So congratulations girlfriend and thank you for what you do and bring to us all! Hugs!

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