The Uncertainty Of “Influencing”

I used to cringe when people asked me what I did. Back in 2008, it was super weird to tell people I made YouTube videos. Everyone had the same joke, “What kiiiiind of videos?” insinuating they were of sexual nature, which they obviously weren’t. In 2009, when I went full time blogging and vlogging, no […]

I Chopped Off My Hair!

Before I left for LA, I got my hair cut and highlighted at Shag Boston by the fabulous Steph and Kara. Steph made me blonder and Kara chopped it all off! Every one is cutting their hair these days and I jumped on the bandwagon. I’m obsessed with how quick it is to blow it […]

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At the top of #snowbird with #oakleywomenssummit #oakleypbc

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Head to toe in sexy @oakley #oakleywomenssummit #oakleypbc

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Clif Lodge at Snowbird, UT

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Happy New Year! Lighting off paper lanterns to celebrate… Not sure who thought this was safe.

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Perfect ending to the end of a full day of skiing.

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Finally, snow in the city for the new year!

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It's Emily Thorne on my @womenshealthmag!!!! Great issue. Loved learning about the 8-hour diet and can't wait to test it out myself!

Gifts from Clients, Do & Don’ts

I started my triathlon training on Thursday with a 10 mile ride on the bike and a 3.2 mile run on the treadmill. Afterwards, I went into the locker room and poured a pack of Vega Protein Powder into my shaker to drink while I stretched using a foam roller for about 30 minutes. To […]

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