DVD Giveaway: Strong, Sexy, Svelte w/ Kristin McGee

My workout on the right, your future workout on the left! Leave a comment on this post on SarahFit.com to win Kristin McGee's new strong sexy svelte DVD! I love this woman's videos and have been doing them since 2007. Excited to try all three workouts

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I won barre socks at class yesterday! It pays to go during December when lots if ppl slack off love my new pair so much already.

Feeling Normal

I’ve been enjoying a normal life lately. Without a photo shoot or cleanse in sight, it’s been nice to go out to eat, have a couple glasses of wine and not worry about ordering too much. Last night, I went to the Celtics game. Before hand, we went to an Italian restaurant where I ordered […]

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After my cleanse, I have wanted lots of vegan things. It's weird. I will never put a label on my diet but I have not missed meat at all. I have been eating fish too.#vegan #bpcleanse

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In love with my outfit at today's shoot feat @oakley and @daactive and @kitschties

Are You Ready For Leg Warmers?

This morning I got the best Holiday surprise package from Kitsch Ties. I’m obsessed with these hair ties because they look cute on your wrist and don’t put kinks in my hair when I put it up. It doesn’t hurt that they are adorable and can match your outfits. Perfect stocking stuffers in my opinion! […]

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Feels like Christmas walking down the street and seeing so many decorated trees in the windows!

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Still trying to break in the @mizunos on a foggy Sunday morning run.

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My first event @barmethod boston with @theripestuff – lots of yummy food from the recipes on my blog featuring @vegateam protein powder and @thelaughingcow

My BluePrint Cleanse Experience Day 2

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I am on day two of the BluePrint Cleanse. Already, I’ve been getting a ton of questions and requests. Here are the basic details: I am doing a 3 day cleanse with BluePrint. It consists of 6 juices, 3 green and 3 others. The others […]

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