Did you know that on average we consume an extra 600 calories per day between Thanksgiving and New Years? No need to “restrict” yourself but a few rules can help you feel satisfied, tipsy and in control. Here are my 5 health holiday eating tips for navigating a good holiday party. Click image below to [...]

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Last week, I shared two new gift guide videos on YouTube. Many blogger gift guides contain gifts that were sent to us for review by a PR company and while some are worth of sharing, many are not. I pride my videos on containing mostly items I discovered on my own peppered with a few [...]


Ford Fiesta Movement

December 3, 2013 · 2 comments”>learning

Over the past year, it’s been interesting to see how car companies have entered the world of working with social media influencers, especially on the fitness side of things. I was lucky to go down to the Porsche Driving School with Oakley in September, but let’s be honest, can I really afford a Porsche? I [...]


I ate, I drank and now I’m dead tired. Cyber Monday must be the least productive work day on the calendar. I’m getting emails from every shopping website I’ve ever visited and lacking focus. I indulged in Thanksgiving with little regard to what I put in my mouth, feeling satisfied and in control but excited [...]

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Thanksgiving for me is a time to indulge but also sweat. As a 29 year old who kicks her own ass 5 days a week, a 5K isn’t cutting it before I sit down to enjoy my stuffing and pumpkin pie. For some people, that may be enough but for me, it’s not. If you [...]


November StitchFix Review

November 15, 2013 · 9 comments

I finally received my second StitchFix so here goes another review. The first fix was actually pretty spot on for my style. I didn’t need many of the times so I didn’t keep them. This time, I was sent all tops as requested. I liked 4 out of 5 but still only kept one. Read [...]


It’s never too early to talk about planning you workout schedule around the holidays. I’m teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp on Black Friday at 8:10 AM and plan to take class afterwards myself so if you’re in town, come pay me a visit before you shop on Newbury Street. We have showers with Malin & Goetz [...]


Fashion That Flatters

October 31, 2013 · 1 comment

First off, congrats to my Red Sox. I’m in LA and disappointed I wasn’t home to see them win, but tonight I get to go Trick or Treating with my 4 year old nephew so I’m over it already. Happy Halloween. Today’s post is a little different from my usual health and fitness talk. It’s [...]

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If you plan to wear a sexy Halloween costume this year, you may be thinking more about ab exercises this week than usual. You obviously can’t lose a noticeable amount of fat, if any, in your abdominal area by Thursday but there are a three tricks you can do to have a flatter, more toned [...]

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I signed up for Stitch Fix in September and finally got my first box earlier this month. This review is not paid, I was not asked to sign up and I have no affiliation to Stitch Fix. Being on camera frequently, I need a decent sized wardrobe for my videos but hate shopping. I like to [...]