Free ClassPass Two Week Trial!

by Sarah on September 23, 2015 · 1 comment

If you know what ClassPass is and want to sign up for a free 2 week trial, click here. The free trial starts at the moment of purchase and it does transition to a regular subscription unless you cancel before it runs out. Directions are on the help desk on how to cancel. For those […]

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The reason Roomie joined me to California was for his college buddies’ wedding. It was held at the Santa Barbara Historical Center, a gorgeous venue for the event. My dress and necklace are JCrew (bought at the outlet) and my shoes were a RueLaLa purchase but made by Lilly Pulitzer. I rarely post family pictures […]


It’s almost here. I know you’ve seen some of the pictures I’ve posted well now here are a few more details about the workouts you will find in my club.  Visit SFitGym.com today to sign up for the latest details and to get all the information when it’s ready for you to join


Race bucket lists. It’s something most runners have. The Nike San Francisco Half Marathon has been on my radar ever since I learned of the finish line reward, a Tiffany’s necklace! When asked this summer to run it with ClassPass – I took no time in answering, “YES!” So now, I’m training for my third […]


If you’ve been debating wether or not you should buy a juicer but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, here is a juice recipe you can make in your blender. Whether you are a seasoned juicer or just began your health journey and are looking for a refreshing beverage that’s not loaded with empty calories, you’ll […]

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If you enjoy eating a vegan diet 24/7 or on occasion like me, then you’ll love the new meal plan featured on the Sarah Fit app under the exclusive feature. Signing up is just $1/month and new meal plans are now added each week. Don’t get bored with the same old recipes. Spice things up […]


I love Pad Thai but it is one of the heavier ethnic dishes that I crave. Today, I’m sharing a recipe to lighten up the classic meal using Shirataki Noodles. Shirataki Noodles are gluten free, non-GMO tofu noodles. One package has just 20 calories! Thanks to their massive volume and low calorie content, they leave […]


I’m bored with all the popular songs I hear on the radio and constantly need new jams to make me excited to run outdoors. Here is my newest playlist to help make your training a little less sucky in the hot weather. Let me know your current favorite jam below… and yes I added some […]


What are your thoughts on obstacle runs? I was recently asked if I wanted to participate in a Tough Mudder. If you are unfamiliar with the event, it is one of the most challenging and demanding of the bunch. It can be quite intimidating to be honest. As luck would have it, my schedule does […]


Hello from Vienna

by Sarah on April 28, 2015 · 10 comments

Hello from Vienna, Austria! I’m trying to enjoy a technology detox but it’s a little hard when your full time job is making YouTube videos and blogging. Here are a few quick pictures from our stay in Vienna. I’ll post more when I’m back home but wanted to share some from this beautiful city! Our […]