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by Sarah on September 12, 2013 · 7 comments

Today is the anniversary of my last “first day of school” senior year of High School. In honor, I’ve decided to put together a Back To School Guide for all of you featuring my favorite BTS videos.

If you are in college, you’ll want to check out my popular YouTube hit, “10 Tips To Avoid The Freshmen 15.” The tips aren’t just for Freshies. Many viewers said they found the video very helpful despite being a 28 yr old working professional or 31 yr old new mom!

Since this is college related, it wouldn’t be appropriate if I didn’t include at least one picture from my years as an undergrad. Here’s a special picture from my junior year sorority formal with some of my favorite people, Betsy, Caitlin, me, Caitlin and Allison. Sorry guys, selfies weren’t cool back then :)


If you aren’t sure what to eat in the dining hall or how to eat healthy in one (after all it is like going to a buffet restaurant every day for every meal), watch “What To Eat In The Dining Hall” to maintain your current weight or lose a few pounds.

If you hate the hours of your dining hall, you can always make meals in your dorm room with just your microwave. Try this “TexMex Sweet Potato Microwave Recipe” for lunch or dinner and have this 3-min 3 ingredient trail mix cookie for dessert!

IMG 4717

Don’t have time to make it to the gym or just don’t want to workout next to the hot guy that sits next to you in Spanish, try my favorite Dorm Room Workout that only requires a text book for an added challenge with your strength training.

If you’re running from class to class and getting HANGRY, check out my favorite healthy snacks for students to eat in between class.

If you struggle with late night eating, check out these tips on how to avoid it and pick the best options if you know it’s something that you genuinely enjoy doing. It’s like therapy for some people so I’m OK with it on occasion as long as it’s not a habit and causing you to gain weight. With these tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to soothe yourself without packing on unwanted pounds. Warning, this video is a few years old, but still a goodie!

Lastly, for a really old but good video but a great one, here are my tips if you are trying to lose weight in college. I have a special College Weight Loss Plan that is a supplement you can download if you are a member of Tone It Up. When Kat first told me about the TIU plan, I asked if I could contribute and this is what we came up with. It’s still available to download and every now and then people ask me where they can get it. The college guide is located on page 16 of the ‘Fall Update’ that’s included in your downloads.

In the spirit of Back To School and since I no longer go to school, I want to know what your favorite part of going back is OR what you miss most? I miss my high school soccer team and playing against our rivals. The smell of fall brings back so many memories that I hope to always remember.

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1 Audrey @ In Shape Cupcake September 12, 2013 at 11:22 am

Great post! I’ll share with my college friends. Also, you look so pretty in that pic!


2 Sky September 12, 2013 at 2:09 pm

What sorority were you in?! I’m a ZTA! My favorite part of going back is just being with all of my friends again and getting back to my school routine! Love your tips and will be taking advantage of them!


3 Sarah September 12, 2013 at 3:59 pm

I am a sigma kappa from the chapter at univ. of Delaware!


4 Heather September 12, 2013 at 3:36 pm

That pink dress is gorgeous! You look so beautiful! This is a great post, and although I haven’t been at college in years, I would have LOVED something like this when I was a student.


5 Jennifer September 15, 2013 at 7:44 pm

I just graduated in May, and I miss having my friends right next door… One of the good things about living in a dorm!! It was also nice to have meals already made. Haha :-)


6 Vanessa September 16, 2013 at 9:03 pm

Hi Sarah! I am going to start getting back into exercising again but I am in serious need of some new workout clothes. What do you recommend for good, affordable workout clothes to start off with for a college student. I was thinking of trying Old Navy, but wanted your opinion first. I was also thinking of maybe investing into one really good workout pant/capri (the Adidas ones look so good)…..recommendations!? Thanks:)


7 Patty( September 22, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Fall brings back high school memories as well for me, but of cross country season. The crisp air, leaves, and smell of fall always takes me back to our high school meets :)
PS – Loved the dining hall tips video!


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