Curious what my day is like? Seems like many of you are. In my newest YouTube video, I’m sharing what it’s like to walk in my shoes for 24 hours.

This is an example of a day where I am in Boston working. About 2 or 3 times a month, I am usually traveling either on a trip to shoot a bunch of videos in LA or a fun blogger experience like skiing, race car driving, or testing out cool products!

My day usually doesn’t start until 7 or 7:30am. I am not a morning person and this is one of the reasons I love working for myself. I wake up early when I know I need to fit in a workout but usually, I stay up late working and enjoy sleeping in a bit.

Four days a week, I teach classes first thing in the morning (for me), either at Barry’s Bootcamp or Burn Fitness Studios. Afterwards, I head home to work on the “Sarah Fit” sites. From planning out my next video to recipe development, phone calls, meetings, emails, blogging, accounting, graphic design, and updating my social media channels – there is a lot going on and my to do list is never ending.

After my work for the day is sufficiently handled (because nothing is ever complete), I workout. Since I’m training for a marathon, I usually run or do yoga. I was strength training but cut back to replace it with more yoga. After that, I shower, make dinner and finish anything else on my to do list that can get accomplished even when I’m only half awake.

Needless to say, staying focused 100% of the time is important but very difficult. I don’t “get” days off. Of course some days are less productive than others but to avoid this I make sure I eat right and stay hydrated.

IMG 0459

I love drinking Essentia water to help me concentrate and keep energized during the day. Essentia is a purified alkaline water with electrolytes and has a 9.5pH or higher. Drinking it tastes great but it helps me focus and gives me clarity.

Drinking alkaline water daily may help your body maintain a healthy state by neutralizing the acidity and helps wash the acid waste products from your cells and tissues. These acid waste products come from prescription drugs, unhealthy foods you might eat, your environment, cosmetics and the bodies’ normal aging process. We accumulate these toxins daily and they can cause us to get sick, fatigued, have headaches, brain fog and more. Alkaline water may also help reduce heart burn or acid reflux.

IMG 0447

Even being slightly dehydrated has a drastic effect on your overall energy levels and body functions. Keeping hydrated allows me to run without getting cramps, and feel more energized throughout the day to get through as many things on my to do list as I can.

I want you to try Essentia for yourself so I am giving away 1 case to one lucky reader anywhere in the US and 6 cases to one reader who lives in Boston or nearby surrounding part of town. To enter, leave a comment down below sharing the favorite part of your day!

I’m also giving away 2 tickets to BosFit in Boston for THIS SATURDAY! If you would like to go, let me know in the comments below. I’ll choose a winner randomly and they can bring a friend of their choice. I’ll be there with Essentia. 

UPDATE: There is something going on with my website 🙁 I have no idea why but am trying to fix it. To enter the contests, please leave a comment on my facebook post!

A Day In My Life: Plus Alkaline Water Benefits

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  • maritza rivera

    Sarah, my favorite part of the day is first thing in the morning when I get up at 3AM to go do my workout for the day. I feel amazing once I’m done and ready to take on the day, whatever it brings.

  • Vicky

    My favorite part of the day is walking through the front door after long day and being greeted by my 9 month old cocker spaniel, Lucy.

  • Aliza

    My favorite part of the day is my exercise time. Whether it is with Sara Fit at Burn or running, it relieves stress and clears my head! Thank you Sarah!

  • Tina Muir

    Its always interesting to read how other people go about your day. I could not agree more about good hydration, as an elite, that is critical to my training, and especially with marathon training, you should always have a bottle attached to you! I am starting to enjoy my runs a lot more now the mileage is coming down, and I am almost to race day!

  • Jennifer D

    My favorite part of the day is when I get to workout and move my body. I am pregnant and moving my body makes me feel energized all day and know I am doing something good for me and my baby!

  • Leslie H.

    Sarah my favorite part of the day is the afternoon. I’m off work and off for a 3 mile run or jog. The perfect way to clear my head.

  • Amanda

    My favorite part of the day is when I first get into work, make myself a cup of coffee and plow through my email inbox and plan my day. It’s the calm before the storm of my work-day.

  • Allison

    I am definitely a morning person. My favorite part of my day is when I work out before heading into work, then grabbing a cup of coffee and breakfast.

  • Gretchen

    My favorite part of my day is my workout every morning! Sometimes I have to drag myself out of bed, but once I am at Flywheel or Crossfit I instantly feel better! It helps me start my day!

    I would also love to go to BosFit this weekend!! 🙂

  • Karissa

    This is bad to say, but right now my favorite part of my day is when my two boys (7 and 9) get on the school bus and I have glorious quiet time to myself to enjoy my coffee, read emails and plan my day!

  • Grace

    My favorite part of the day is when I finish my run! Although I workout everyday, my running days are my most difficult to get motivated. I really appreciate all of your tips to make the most of it…I’m dying to find that runners high!

  • Julia K

    My favorite part of the day is watching the sunset as I run along the esplanade! I love the calm of the water, the colors of the sky, and the energy of all the other people enjoying the shoreline around me.

  • Katie

    My favorite part of my day is getting to workout after work and knowing that time is devoted to making myself healthy, both mind and body and devoting that time to myself. I would also love the opportunity to attend BosFit this weekend!

  • Stephanie

    On a regular day favorite part of the day would be the morning, I can relax, read, eat something yummy and enjoy I cup of coffee! But I will say nothing makes the day best until a good workout is completed!

    I would love to got BosFIT.

  • Lori

    My favorite part of the day is waking up to my. son’s smiling face. And the grateful feeling that comes over me, knowing I have worked hard and am able to stay home with him! Imy son is my everything.

  • Jennifer Flood

    Favorite part of my day is kicking off my shoes at the end of my run and kissing my husband who is happy to see me when I get back!

  • Amanda L

    My favorite part of the day is when my one year old daughter Georgia wakes up and we get to snuggle for a little bit before I have to get ready for work ! My husband is still asleep, she’s so happy to see me , and the world is calm--it puts all other things in perspective.

  • Tori

    My favorite part of the day is when I manage to drag myself out of bed early (doesn’t always happen :)) and go for a run along the Harbor Walk or Esplanade

  • Katie

    My favorite part of the day is when everything is done! Workout is done, dogs are walked, chores are done, and I can zone out and watch TV!

  • Kathleen O'Grady

    My favorite part of the day is after I finish my workout, whether that is in the morning or evening. I always feel so good mentally and physically after a workout. I find I can concentrate on other things better when I work out consistently. Love it! Thanks for your blog it helps my motivation when it is running low!

  • Ruthy

    Recently, I’ve started the habit of getting my workouts in first thing in the morning. I think I am not the first person who is guilty of letting our busy lives trump over our workouts. I’ve said it time and time again, I’ll work out later in the day…it rarely happens. Now that I do it first thing in the morning, I feel more energized, healthy and accomplished. I find myself sticking to it. It truly has become my favorite part of the day!

  • Laura

    My favorite part of the day is my evening walk with husband and dog. It’s relaxing and the perfect way to stretch my legs after sitting all day.

  • Artiqwa

    My favorite part of the day is coming home to my two daughters,hubby,dog and cat. They all are so happy to see me an I’m so happy to see them! Asking my daughters how was school today and the hubby how was work today.?

  • Maureen

    I’m a newbie, and very interested in this alkaline water. I must confess that I never heard of it before so I’m wondering where you buy it?? I have a LOT of weight to lose and have tried unsuccessfully a number of times. I may finally be in the right place….so I am ready to start! It’s my turn to take care of me!

  • Karleen

    I used to get up early, around 5am, to workout. although I always wake up feeling sluggish, I like knowing that I’ll have my workout done for the day and it leaves me feeling energized after. I need to get back on the morning workout train!

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