23 Week Pregnancy Update and First Trimester Q + A Video


This week I don’t have a long 23 week update because, well, I feel pretty much the same but gained a couple pounds… I finally feel like I look pregnant! Baby Updates According to my apps, the baby is now a size of a grapefruit, a bunch of grapes or a papaya. Little Fit is […]

Running Falmouth Road Race at 20 Weeks Pregnant Recap

When I found out I was pregnant, I was determined to continue working out. I had heard many people say they didn’t have the energy, it was uncomfortable or their doctor told them to stop. Until I had any of these signs, I planned to live my life as I had with the except of […]

Royal Baby Fever: How To Flatten Your Abs After Pregnancy

As we have all heard by now, Kate Middleton gave birth to a royal baby boy. While the last thing any new mom wants to think about is getting back a flat stomach, ¬†reporters remain camped outside her hospital waiting for her first appearance. It’s crazy to me to think that celebrities wait months to […]