At Home Workout Videos and Ideas

Working at home can be so much easier in the winter. If you want a quick 30 minute booty call workout that tones your lower body, arms and abs, I have the perfect playlist. In total it is a 4 video series that will start automatically. If there happens to be a commercial, lucky you […]

My Abs Can Breathe, The Shoot Is Over

Hello from Malibu! I had the most amazing experience Thursday shooting with Lionsgate BeFit. Fellow fitness YouTuber, Scott Herman, and I were out here from New England to shoot a 30-day 6-Pack Abs program for their YouTube channel. Lionsgate is kind of a big deal in the fitness industry. They are #1 producer of fitness […]

My TV Guide Debut: Strength vs Cardio Days

Happy Friday! As I try to do each Friday, here is my workout schedule from this week. I was still continuing my month unlimited class pass at The Bar Method Boston so that was my source of strength training. Monday: 35 Minute Morning Run and moving Tuesday: 1 Hour Bar Method Class and more moving […]