All Gain No Pain by Champion

This post is promoted by Champion. We all have at least one article of clothing we know we should throw out but just can’t bring ourselves to pull the trigger. Most of my first sports bras were from Champion. I wore them all through high school, brought them to college and when they became see […]

Beachy Style: High 5 Workout

I love my newest beach workout featuring a high 5 crank challenge as they call them. It features 5 moves that require a pair of dumbbells. Do each move for 5 reps (5 on each side and a total of 10 for the lunges, rows and twist). Without resting, move on to the next move […]

Best Sports Bra for Large Chest

I have probably 15 sports bras. Some I wear all the time, others rarely see the light of day. As you know (if you have seen a video), I am not flat chested and cannot wear many of the inexpensive sports bras for high impact activities like running. People have asked me in the past […]

Fashionable Fall Clothing Giveaway

Welcome Fall!  It might not officially be fall yet, but it sure feels like it here in Boston.  This is my favorite type of weather, the kind that requires no heat or air conditioning.  Ultimately, it’s perfect running weather.  In August, I was sent 3 outfits from Champion.  Each outfit was specifically chosen for me […]

My Most Challenging (and favorite) Ab Workout Yet!

My new fitness obsession is this ab series I filmed this week.  I have been doing this for a couple weeks now at the gym and couldn’t wait to upload the sequence to share with all of you.  It is super challenging and will leave you a little out of breath.  It places no strain […]

New Fitness Fashions from Champion!

While I may not be the most fashionably dressed lady in town, I do have a pretty good fitness wardrobe and it just got better.  I was asked by Champion USA to test out some of their latest products as part of their Champion ‘Shape Your Life’ Blogger Ambassador Program. I was so excited about […]