My First Charity Golf Tournament

I recently was invited to play in an Ellie Fund charity golf tournament to benefit breast cancer awareness and research through with al fresco all natural, one of the event sponsors. I worked with the Ford Warriors In Pink for over 2 years and feel a strong connection to the cause so I said “YES!”… despite […]

Warriors In Pink Round 2

After my LA shoot, I drove to Rancho Palos Verdes to reunite with my Ford Warriors In Pink teammates. I am excited to announce that I will be once again working as a 2015 Model of Courage for the Warriors In Pink. Ford understands that there are two very important elements in the fight against […]

Sharing a Sweet Future Initiative

I often find it hard to stay motivated being self employed. I am reminded of why I love my job when I see how my little website has made a difference in a person’s life and it keeps me going. As Warren Buffett put it, “If you’re in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you […]

Boston Marathon Fundraising Night!

Last night, I attended a fundraiser for my friend Stacy who is running the Boston Marathon on behalf of Adrianne Haslet-Davis. For those of you who  do not remember Adrianne, she is the professional dancer who lost part of her leg as a result of an injury sustained at last year’s unfortunate marathon event. Stacy […]

Boston Marathon Victims Charity Fitness Event”>Bruins

For the Bruins Sabres National Anthem video from 4/17 scroll down below. I’m excited to formally announce my involvement in an amazing event The Ultimate Spring Workout being held in Boston on April 27th. This was planned as a free fitness event featuring 4 different workouts and has now become a Marathon Victims charity raising […]

Happy National Running Day

Today, June 1st, is National Running Day.  What does this actually mean anyway?  If you go running, are you really helping support a specific cause?  Will more people be out and about getting their jog on?   Here is what the official running day website says: You may run alone, but on National Running Day, […]

Have you visited the Life Well Laughed Project yet?

Link: Have you visited the Life Well Laughed Project yet? The Laughing Cow®, a leading U.S. brand of portion-controlled snack cheeses including Mini Babybel® cheese and The Laughing Cow® cheese wedges, has a mission to make healthy living more delightful. This year, they’ve taken that one step further by creating the Life Well Laughed Project, which […]

Give back to health and wellness charities w/ The Laughing Cow!

I’m so excited to announce an amazing project I’m so proud to be a part of! With the help of cheese lovers across the country, The Laughing Cow is going to donate up to $500,000 to health and wellness initiatives! The Life Well Laughed Project makes it easy for people like you and me to […]