Why the Washington Post says ‘Meat is Horrible’

“Meat is horrible.” That was the headline I saw all weekend on my iPhone News shortcuts screen. It was dated July 3rd but yet it remained well past that date for a couple of days. I found this odd since the headlines traditionally change hourly. Did Apple really want me to read this article? So, […]

Berry Nutty Smoothie Recipe and How To Get Free Groceries This Month

Want free groceries this month? You just might get lucky if you have one of these items in your cart! In honor of Earth Month, grocery stores nationwide are showing customers how their everyday earth friendly choices make big impacts on their diet and the health of the planet. “Every Cart Counts” is a program […]

Seasonal Produce Guide – Early Spring in New England

Earth day is coming up April 22nd. I’ve honored the green “holiday” by going vegan, riding a bike instead of driving and planting my own little garden. This year, I encourage you to pledge to eat not only a vegetarian diet for the day but also more local produce by eating what is in season. […]

Earth Day Meatless Monday Challenge

Happy Earth Day! For over 40 years, Earth Day, April 22, has inspired individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.  It lands on a Monday this year allowing to really spread the message regarding the impact of a meat heavy diet  has on our environment. I participated in Earth […]

What I Eat In A Day: Meatless Monday Earth Day Recipes

Do you practice a meatless Monday? It’s not only beneficial to your health to eat a little less meat but it also benefits the environment. To celebrate next Monday, commit to eating a meatless Monday or other day, just once a week. If everyone did this in America, it would be like the equivalent to […]

How To Take Part In Earth Day

Link: How To Take Part In Earth Day I posted this on Wednesday but here it is again now that it is actually Earth Day.   Disclaimer: I just made breakfast and totally forgot it was Earth Day.  Yes, I used eggs and whey protein.  Not exactly vegan but still vegetarian!  Going vegan starting NOW.

I posted my blog on this topic already, but here is my video if you prefer watching to reading!


I posted my blog on this topic already, but here is my video if you prefer watching to reading! Earth Day 2011 Activities and Vegan Challenge – The Sarah Fit Show (by SarahsFabChannel)