The Nutrition Label To Always Check

My New Year’s Resolution for the past few years as I’ve shared on my blog has been to eliminate artificial sugars from my diet. Chewing gum was the last lingering item in my diet but my pregnancy oddly helped me kick that habit. However, even as savvy as I think I am, I still need […]

Weekend Recap: Skating, Food & Fitness

On Friday night, I attended the US Figure Skating Championships in Boston. My sister and I were both figure skaters growing up so as followers of the sport, it was quite an exciting ticket to snag and fun event for us to hang out on a Friday night not surrounded by food and booze. My […]

The Healthiest Granola | Post Run Meal Nutrition

Yesterday, I received an amazing surprise! After raving about the new bite flavors, Chobani was kind enough to thank me by send me some Greek yogurt!  I immediately dove into the Mango, which is why it is not pictured (my favorite flavor). I usually use the plain and sweeten it with stevia because it’s so […]

Health Starts Here: Meals and Workouts on The Go

Since I am a nomad without a kitchen, most of my meals have been premade. I tried Hail Caesar Shaker from Whole Foods yesterday for lunch. This was my second shaker from the “Health Starts Here” line. At a conference this past fall, I found out that the Whole Foods diet is anti olive oil […]

New Products Alert!

I love grocery shopping.  I love to just browse the isles looking for new products to try and share.  Ever since college, I’ve been abandoned as a super market partner.  I’m ok with it though, because I like to take my time.  Since I started blogging, I have found that many of you are like […]

New French Toast Breakfast Recipe

Sometimes switching up your routine is all you need to become reenergized.  From a new breakfast recipe to a new group exercise class, your challenge before Monday is to add something new to your routine!  Breakfast as you know, is one of the most important meals of the day.  Starting off with something that is […]

Omg. Dessert heaven. The Stonyfield Oikos Greek caramel yogurt is to die for! Just 100 calories t

Omg. Dessert heaven. The Stonyfield Oikos Greek caramel yogurt is to die for! Just 100 calories too! I added slivered almonds. I promise they didn’t tell me to post this, it was just on sale at Whole Foods this week.  Go buy it now. You won’t regret it.