Health Trends for 2013

The week before the New Year, everyone loves to predict the top trends for 2013. The fitness and health industry is fun for me to watch. The Today Show featured a short (and odd) list this morning with one of my favorite TV dietitians, Joy Bauer. Here are her four picks for 2013 health trends […]

Are Calorie Counts on Menus Accurate?

Today, I went to Panera Bread to do some blogging in a climate controlled environment.  Boston is hitting close to 90-degree weather and I do not have air conditioning.  Since I was taking up a table, I decided to have some lunch as well.  Panera lists their calorie counts on the menu, even though I […]

Is Yoga The Answer To Finding Your Happy Weight?

In January, I decided that I wanted to do an experiment doing yoga.  Would daily yoga be enough exercise to maintain (or lose) weight by creating a greater sense of self awareness and allow me to tune in to my actual hunger levels? Studies have shown that yogis tend to be leaner than non practicers. […]

Want to Keep Pounds Off? Keep Exercising – TIME Healthland

Link: Want to Keep Pounds Off? Keep Exercising – TIME Healthland Many people that visit my site are looking to lose weight and already know that to keep weight regular exercise is crucial.  But for those who just like to eat healthy forgoing time at the gym, research shows that as we agewe inevitably gain […]

One way to avoid gorging on your favorite junk food may be to picture yourself eating it, one delici

Visions of sugarplums may help you lose weight – Health –