We raised over $2000!

Last weekend, the Ultimate Spring Workout event I attended with PopChips raised over $2,000 combined for the One Fund Boston. The event was free for anyone in Boston to attend but in light of the recent attacks, we decided to put together a bunch of raffle prizes from all the vendors as I previously mentioned. […]

Back To School Lunches and Workouts

Despite having graduated college in 2006, the end of August will always remind me of pre-season soccer practices and back to school preparation. In college, I did not play a sport and had to stay fit on my own. Not quite comfortable at the school gym, I would work out in my dorm room. I […]

Eating Lunch At The Beach!

On the weekends, my diet seems to take a huge u-turn most of the time. All week, I’m dead set on my routine and then the weekend comes and screws it all up making it that much harder on Monday to get back into the groove of things. During the summer, it’s challenging to make […]