You Only Need 30 Minutes, Really! 400 Calorie Treadmill Interval Workout

I used to tell my clients that all you really need to see results is 30 minutes a day but I HAD more time so I worked out longer. I went to 60 minute barre classes, 60 minute bootcamps and went on 6 mile runs regularly. So while scientifically I knew it wasn’t necessary to […]

Butt Lifting Workout: 100 Booty Blaster Ladder Video

I love a good booty burn. I created this workout for a quick butt lifting routine you can do at home after a quick run, first thing when you wake up, at the gym or just for fun! Watch the video below to see how to do each move. Pin or print the workout below […]

Cram in a mini workout

No time to workout?  Check out the advice Tony Horton’s said to Women’s Health readers:  Cram in a mini workout. There’s always time to work out. On busy days, take 10 minutes and do “U.C.M.L.”—upper, cardio, middle, lower. Do as many pushups as you can do with good form. Then do any kind of cardio move (mountain […]