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My goal is to enable your passion for healthy living to feel confident, reform your relationship with food and exercise, while increasing your energy to keep up with a busy lifestyle!

I believe that restrictive diets and excessive exercise habits are what’s keeping us stuck in the never ending yo-yo diet cycle. This was me for over a decade until I discovered the FASTer Way!

Get a week of workouts and 5-day meal guide to see what the excitement is all about 


As one of the first fitness influencers on YouTube, I lacked body confidence. I never felt like I was skinny enough to be successful so I constantly tried to diet and exercise to extremes. 

I thought if I just lost 5 lbs my life would be perfect. But even when I’d lose the weight, I couldn’t keep it off and happiness didn’t follow.

After my second son was born in 2018, I joined the FASTer Way and learned how to properly nourish my body with enough food, efficiently exercise and banish food guilt. I finally found food freedom and no longer was a victim to the under eat, binge, overexercise cycle. Fast forward 5 years and I’ve helped THOUSANDS of others do the same in their health and wellness journey! Together, we are reaching goals and maintaining this simple lifestyle.



The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is the premier digital fitness and nutrition program on the market that takes the guesswork out of how to look and feel your best.

During the initial 6 week program, we’ll take cutting-edge fitness and nutrition strategies to teach you how to burn stubborn fat, prevent disease, and ultimately live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Through the guidance of a coach (that’s me!) and our innovative app, you will learn how to incorporate intermittent fasting, carb cycling, effective workouts, and whole food nutrition to increase energy, improve sleep, body composition, and so much more! The FASTer Way truly is a sustainable lifestyle, not an intense quick fix that leaves you feeling depleted, deprived, or out of control. I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way! I won’t let you fail as long as you stay with me.

Here’s an overview of the program here.


If you’ve completed a New Client round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, this is the place to be! VIP is our online membership program, exclusively designed for clients who are comfortable with the FASTer Way lifestyle and ready for accelerated success. Membership includes my one-on-one like coach guidance, accountability, exclusive group trainings and nutrition resources in our VIP app, motivating monthly challenges, head trainer & health expert consults, plus our full digital studio, small group competitions, and SO much more! You have every resource at the tip of your fingers to succeed in VIP! The results are like having a personal trainer and chef for a fraction of the cost!

Completed a FASTer Way Round but not ready to hop into VIP? Send me a message at Often I’m happy to let you join in on the New Client Experience as a refresher but with the extended VIP app access.! We’ll review the foundations of the program and get you reacclimated in no time! 


Yes! We have the best system in place for nursing mothers. In fact, this is how I lost my baby weight after Connor and Elle. We have modifications that you’ll take such as a shorter fasting window and eating more carbs while carb cycling. When you eat enough of the right foods, you can lose fat and maintain your milk supply! We will keep an eye on your supply but rest assured your in good hands!

That’s totally fine! We practice various fasting windows and everyone is different. Many clients practice 12 hour fasts, while others happily do 16! I want this program to be sustainable and I truly think everyone can participate in a 12 hour fast which looks like this: Finish eating dinner by 8 PM, eat breakfast at 8 AM. And yes, you can have coffee before breaking your fast!

No! Truth be told when I first joined FW, we did not have a meal plan. Most clients use it as inspiration to be honest! You can follow it closely or like me, use it for suggestions. We have a vegan and a regular meat eating meal plan that’s new every week.

Yes. I do think our strength workouts are the best online. I really, really do BUT if you’re adamant about continuing your own workouts whether they are Orange Theory, Barry’s Bootcamp, BTone, whatever, I’ll work with you to create a weekly schedule that will complement our nutrition cycle! To be honest, I did not plan to do the FASTer Way workouts when I first joined but they are why I became a coach. They reminded me of my own personal training style.

I recommend at least 2 sets of weights, light/medium set of dumbbells and a heavier set if you don’t have them. I use my 8’s and 15’s a lot but also my 25’s for deadlifts and chest press movements. You alternatively could grab a couple sets of dumbbells and our resistance bands which I love! There will always be a trainer performing the moves using minimal equipment like resistance bands.

NOOOOOO. This is not one of those deprivation programs! We teach you how to implement our tools for success. On vacation, some of the tools don’t have to be used and that’s OK! There is not better day to start than today. Many clients go on vacation during their first six weeks and of course our VIP clients are regularly enjoying time away with their families! Do you put a gym membership on hold for a weekend or week long vacation? No! There will always be an excuse to do the “next” one!