UPDATED: FASTer Way To Fat Loss Review 2024

I first join the FASTer Way to Fat Loss in January 2019, nearly 5 years ago! Since then, a lot has changed. Today, I wanted to update my review of the FASTer Way as it pertains to my experience as a VIP client and coach.

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I joined FWTFL to lose weight after giving birth to my second son. I wanted to lose about 5-10 lbs. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I discovered that I did not know how much I should be eating. I felt called to share the program to help other women learn how to lose weight postpartum without dieting or restricting themselves.

Ok, let’s review how the program works now that you know WHY I joined:

How the program works:

Ok, so here is how faster way works. You sign up with a coach (like me!) and then get a welcome email that includes a link to take a new client assessment as well as a Facebook group link. When I first joined, we did not receive personalized macro targets. We were given a calculator but now (some) coaches will send you your targets based on your age, height, weight, previous dieting history, food sensitivities and auto immune diseases or hormonal imbalances.

The Facebook group is an amazing community group for accountability, feedback and questions.

You also will have instant access to the app. When I first joined, we didn’t have an app! The app is amazing. We can track macros, follow along with our workouts, track fasting window, and easily access many resources. The app has been a game changer! I use is multiple times DAILY for recipe inspiration and the workouts.

Clients use the app daily to access meal guides, workouts, water and fasting trackers and resources.

Each week, coaches hold weekly trainings to go over the week’s priorities. The first week is dedicated to intermittent fasting and whole food nutrition. Week two is dedicated to carb cycling and macro tracking. Week three is dedicated to the workouts and the why behind our programming. Week four is mindset. Week five is hormones. Week six is longevity and how to maintain and keep going to see results!


Why I love this program so much

The best part of the FASTer Way is that it really is not a diet. I eat more than I ever did on any diet in the past and lose more fat and inches and maintained that weight loss. This is because the program educates clients on how much to eat of the right macronutrients for optimal fat loss, hormone and thyroid function. We avoid eating too few calories that might slow down your metabolism. We focus on nutrient rich foods. We educate clients on the importance of sleep and rest. We also help teach clients how to properly workout!

Workouts in the FASTer Way

The workouts are why I love the program so much. Before I joined, I did random workouts at studios and gyms. There was no consistency other than I worked out 5-6 days a week! The FASTer Way showed me that you could get results in as little as 30 minutes 5 days a week. The progressive overload style of their strength workouts allowed me to build muscle without feeling exhausted. I looked forward to my workouts for once! I did not dread them! I went from burning 600 calories a workout to 200 and LOST WEIGHT! That’s because calories in vs calories out doesn’t matter. It’s all about building muscle.

I have been religiously following our strength workouts for 5 years and have never been stronger or leaner! The workouts are designed intentionally. Our trainers know what you did yesterday and will do next month! They are effective and strategic! We do HIIT workouts twice a week and strength 3 times.

Meal Guides

So when I first signed up, there wasn’t a meal guide!!! Now, we have NEW meal guides every week (meat and veggie) that you can follow or use for inspiration. Our Meal Guides in VIP are delivered every Thursday, and now cater even more to your preferences and needs. They now include user-friendly, single-serving approach, plus convenient notes for 4 servings on dinner and weekend recipes – ideal for family meals and gatherings. We also have new time saver tips on repeat meals, and how meal prep becomes a breeze, giving you more precious moments with your family! You do not need to follow the meal plan but I love the recipes. I use it as inspiration for the most part but the recipes are simple, yet delicious. They do not take a ton of time. If you want something more involved, you can swap the recipe for a favorite. This makes it so easy to hit macros without having to think about what to eat if you don’t want to.

How much time does our program take?

The workouts actually give back time because you can do them at home and they only take 30 minutes! No more commuting or trying to choose which workout to choose! Intermittent fasting takes zero time to think about and gives you back time in the morning as well. IF is an autopilot for me these days. I only do 13-15 hours. Don’t worry, I teach you about fasting if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about. Weekly training take 15-30 minutes to watch, we ask that you check in on FB daily (5 minutes?) and then preparing the food can be as quick or as short as you want!

This can take time to get the hang of but if you follow our meal guide it’s easy. If you choose not to, it can be a little more time consuming but it gets easier every single week until it’s autopilot as well.

How much does it cost?

The 6 week new client intro costs $249. After that, VIP is $79/month but if you choose not to continue, you won’t be charged!

What do you get for the price?

Everything I said above but here’s it is easier to digest!

  • An online private community of like-minded individuals for accountability and motivation.
  • 30 min workout videos you can do from anywhere in our app
  • Simple weekly meal guides (omnivore & vegan) & grocery lists
  • Live zoom coaching calls with me
  • Personalized Macros
  • One on one weekly texting with me your coach

Interested in joining me for my next round? Join here. Check out more answers to commonly asked questions.

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