On Tuesday, I hopped on a plane and headed to San Francisco to spend the remainder of the week with some of my favorite bloggers to experience a fun “work vacation” with Stitch Fix and Luna. Stitch Fix is an online personal styling business for women. I’ve reviewed it a few times on my blog […]


I give Boston a lot of shit for not having healthy places to eat. I discovered this little gem yesterday after taking class at Barry’s Bootcamp. Located in Downtown Boston, Cafe de Boston has been a favorite of mine for their large salad bar with vegetarian options and variety of veggies. I stopped in to […]


While in Rome, I visited a bar called Freni e Frizoli. All vacation I was drinking house wine. It tasted good and was cheap. Then our last night, we literally stumbled upon this bar by accident. I had written it down in my notes to check out but forgot and did not realize how close […]


Hello from Abroad

April 23, 2014 · 14 comments

A few pictures from my trip in Paris and Lake Como


Whole Foods Snack Haul

April 22, 2014 · 1 comment


This video could be called, the most expensive snacks you can buy at Whole Foods. Instead, I’m telling you to look for them when they are on sale. They are my favorite items when I’m feeling fancy. Have you tried any of these yet? Click the picture below to watch the video or watch it […]

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Are you a mom looking for ways to fit in workouts while spending time with your kids? I have a fabulous guest post for you today from Molly Roach while I’m on my way to Florence. Molly is not a blogger but an active mom who wanted to share her kick ass workout using her bob revolution […]


NYC is only a 3.5 hour train ride from Boston but I can’t believe how different our two cities really are. From the amazing restaurants with healthy options to the wacky fitness and food trends. Today’s guest blog is something you would never find me blogging about… eating bugs! I didn’t believe it myself. I […]


At the start of the year, instead of a weight loss challenge I wanted to do something that would encourage my readers to focus on health and not a number on the scale. I called it the Sarah Fit Get Healthy Challenge, I know so creative. I partnered up with Inside Tracker to help my audience get […]


   Hello, from the Miami airport! I’ve been flying so much lately with pretty good luck, I almost forgot how bad it can suck to board, sit and deplane due to technical issues. I should be landing in an hour in Boston but instead am waiting for details at MIA back in the terminal. Since […]



I love using resistance bands during my workouts for variety, especially when I travel. They weigh next to nothing and take up minimal space in your luggage. This Tread and Shred workout features an amazing cardio and strength training workout that alternates between the treadmill and using the resistance band. It is a total body […]