Hi, I'm Sarah!

I’m a New England-based fitness and nutrition coach and content creator dedicated to helping women discover food freedom and self confidence.

You may recognize me from my days on YouTube! As one of the first fitness channels to thrive on YouTube back in 2007, I enjoyed a being a full time YouTuber before influencers even existed. My YouTube videos have amassed over 155 million total views and 235,000 subscribers still to this day.

During the rise of my YouTube channel, I became a certified personal trainer (ACSM) and holistic health coach through the institute of integrative nutrition. I taught group exercise classes at Barry’s Bootcamp and various small studios throughout Boston. I worked with so many amazing brands from adidas to Target, Kohl’s, Oakley, Under Armour and Ford to name a few!

The early days of my blog and YouTube channel serve as a treasure trove of workouts, recipes, personal recommendations and practical wellness tips, aimed at demystifying the often perplexing world of health and fitness.


Featured in prestigious publications like Women’s Health Magazine, Glamour, Shape, and Men’s Health Magazine, and honored as Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston Personal Trainer in 2016, my work is recognized and respected across the fitness community. Teen Vogue, FabFitFun, and Mashable have all highlighted me as a favorite fitness YouTuber, a testament to the impact and reach of my content.

My personal life has been a source of inspiration and growth, particularly in the realms of motherhood and family. In 2016, I welcomed my first son Tommy, followed by the birth of my second son Connor in 2018, and my daughter Elle in 2021. The pandemic marked a significant transition for us, as we moved from the city to the suburbs of Boston, finding a new place to call home.

In trying to lose the last of my baby weight after Connor in January of 2019, I discovered a program that changed my relationship with food and fitness forever. In March of that year, I expanded my expertise and influence in the fitness industry by becoming a certified Faster Way to Fat Loss coach so that I could teach the tools that helped me find peace with my body to other women. Today, I stand proud as a top 20 premier coach in the organization and the leading coach in New England, a reflection of my dedication and the trust placed in me by the community.

Join me in this journey of health, wellness, and family life as we navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories together, finding strength, confidence, and a sense of belonging every step of the way. Email business (at) sarahfit (dot) com for business inquiries. For questions about becoming a client, email fasterway (at) sarahfit (dot) com.