Welcome! My name is Sarah and I am a full-time health and fitness blogger living in Boston, Massachusetts. Somehow I made my passion for fitness into a full time job with the help of YouTube. My fitness videos have been viewed more than 230 million times (that number combines the views from my channel SarahFit and DietHealth from when I was the producer/host). My goal with my blog and videos is to enable your passion for healthy living.

I help young women learn how to eat clean and get fit so they can feel confident about the way they look without depriving themselves of a social life.

Given my curious nature, I investigate topics that I find intriguing and bring you my findings. When it comes to health, it seems like the experts can never agree. I use my site, SarahFit.com, to bring you the latest findings, best recipes, most effective workouts, motivational advice and more.

Recently, some of my favorite sites have listed me as a favorite fitness YouTuber:

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I’ve appeared in Women’s Health Magazine, Glamour, Shape and Men’s Health Magazine. In 2010, I was named one of Stuff @ Night Magazine’s “Bodies of Boston”.

In 2016, I gave birth to my first child, a son named Tommy who has upended my business in the best way possible. You’ll find lots of prenatal and postnatal tips as well as parenting struggles on my blog and in my videos.

More about me:

I am a certified personal trainer through the ACSM and holistic health coach. I am a 2013 graduate from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. I was named Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston Best Personal Trainer in 2016.

As a dedicated athlete in high school, I struggled to find a place for fitness during my college years. Plagued by unhealthy habits, I gained the dreaded Freshmen 15 but successfully lost the extra weight I had put on with the help of fitness and health magazines.

I battled keeping the weight off during the next 3 years and became a women’s health magazine junkie. Health and fitness doesn’t always come easy and sharing my failures and successes in videos and blogs are what has helped my blog grow it’s unique identity.

Fortunately, I thrive on putting myself up to any challenge. Trying new activities is a top priority when it comes staying motivated in my life.

Before becoming a fitness guru/blogger, I graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in Communication. I also worked at New England Sports Network (NESN) before becoming Senior Video Producer and on-camera host at Diet.com. People love to ask me if I still work at NESN but being a blogger is way cooler. I am also a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority.

I live in Boston with my partner Nick and our son Tommy who was born in January of 2016.

I can be contacted at business@sarahfit(dot)com for business/pr inquires.

All other mail including questions, help, suggestions, fan mail can be sent to boston fit at gmail dot com no spaces.