Ok, so since I’ve been doing the whole YouTube/blogger thing, I haven’t done a very good job at keeping track of the media and press I have received.  That being said, here are a few that I have bookmarked, as well as a few amazing companies I have been fortunate to work with.

January 2014 The Today Show: “Are you an emotional eater? There’s a book for that.”

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Mashable January 2013 Top 10 YouTube Fitness Channels to Follow

Teen Vogue Sept 2012 Five Fab Fitness Gurus to Follow

NECN, January 2014  “Get Fit without a Trip to the Gym”

Boston Magazine, May 2013 Boston Magazine Q&A YouTube Fitness Star

Boston Magazine, December 2013 Local YouTube Star’s Book Launch

NBC Press Release, January 2014 NBC Launches Biggest Loser Google+ Hang Out On Air with Host Sarah Fit

Panorama Magazine, January 2014 “Healthy in the Hub: Sarah Dussault Fit Girl”

TVGuide, December 2012  “Tone Up Your Abs with Lionsgate BeFit’s 30-day Series”

Redbook via Yahoo Shine, December 2013  “6 Winter Workouts That Are Way More Fun Than Hitting The Gym”

Good Housekeeping, December 2013  “Workouts Better Than the Gym”

Boston Globe, March 2013 Going To The Gym? Dress Like You Mean It

HerCampus, January 2014 “Get Fit-Smart