My Story: Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2019

I don’t talk about eating disorders often on my blog but I do talk about disordered eating. This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness week and I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from my friends and felt compelled to share my own story. The theme for this year is “Come as you are.”  Come […]

How I Finally Found a Healthy Relationship with Food & Resolution Tips

This year was pretty amazing for me for one reason, I became a mom. Many things changed as you’d expect but one thing completely shocked me. I have the healthiest relationship with food that I can remember since early High School.  Today, I’m going to share my 5 tips with you on how I completely changed my […]

3 Reasons To Consider Ditching Your Data Device (Or At Least Take a Trial Separation)

Hello from Paris! You may recognize today’s guest post author, Jessica Smith. She has appeared in many fitness magazines as the beautiful fitness model and trainer as well as many fitness DVD’s. To say I was flattered that she was interested in writing a guest post on my blog is an understatement. From my Jawbone […]

When Do We Lose Our Naturally Skinny Mentality?

As I posted on Monday, I was motivated to lose a few pounds this week that I had gained in Australia and during my Birthday week.  After a week of mindful eating, I said to roomie last night, “I ate so well today.” He looked at me and asked, “Who keeps track of that?” “I […]

Should you weigh yourself regularly?

Link: Should you weigh yourself regularly? I have been asked this question a number of times and I can never seem to decide on what I want to advise.  I myself have a love-hate relationship with the scale.  I’m currently reading Jean Fain’s book “The Self-Compassion Diet” and wanted to share this article she wrote […]