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My goal is to enable your passion for healthy living without giving up your social life. I know I may not be that stick skinny beach babe you see prancing around television, but I like to have fun! I like to eat dessert and have pizza on Sundays. It’s not about perfection but about finding a balance – where you can EAT what you want, exercise how often you want and find a weight that your body can maintain WITHOUT the stress. Here are my top resources to help you reach your weight loss, fitness and wellness goals.

SFit Gym

Sfit Workout 1

I’ve got free workouts on my YouTube channel to give you a preview of what you’ll find in the SFit Gym but here is the low down.

This exclusive club features real time, full length fitness videos for all levels but it is super challenging. I always offer beginner modifications but there is always a place to advance too! I love these workouts so much because you can do most of them at home and they take less than 20 minutes. Of course you can double up but they are that challenging, you won’t need to! After shooting for 3 months, I was in the best shape of my life! Then I got pregnant… My goal is to get back there after my baby is born using these videos. Join me today and get in the best shape of your life, without leaving home!

Visit SFITGym.com to sign up.

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In the club, you will find 3 types of workouts.

SFit is a total bodyweight HIIT workout that combines strength and cardio moves. It is released on Tuesdays and is the longest usually of the 3 workouts lasting about 14-20 minutes long.

Body Boost focuses on specific body parts or total body strength training. There is little cardio/plyometrics involved, but you may want a pair of dumbbells for these workouts to challenge yourself.

The TGIS workouts are short! They last about 10 minutes and are total ball busters. They are hard and will challenge you. TGIS stands for Thank God It’s Saturday. I rarely have time to workout on the weekends so these workouts are perfect to fit into a busy schedule. Short but effective is my favorite way to train and I think you’ll love these. You can of course double or triple up for a challenge.

The club $9.95 a month to join and new videos are released every single week! Sign up today.

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The official SarahFit App

If you are looking to watch my YouTube videos on your phone or tablet at the gym or at home, this app is a must! It’s free to download and has all my workouts video nicely categorized for easy on the go search-ability. Want a 5 minute ab workout? No problem. It’s right there in you hand.

The app also features a premium subscription service at $0.99 a month! Less than a dollar you can sign up and have exclusive access to my meal plans. I try to upload at least 2 new ones a month but you will always have access to the older plans. They feature all kinds of different diets including vegan, paleo and gluten free. There is something for everyone. Recipes, shopping guides and plans are provided in a handy PDF along with a little voice message to give you extra insight.

Download my official app here in iTunes, and here for Android.

Get Skinny Again


My first book featuring my tips and tricks to getting skinny for photoshoots, weddings and life in general! This book is mostly full of fitness routines, exercises and cardio workouts but also has suggested meal plans and recipes. You can buy a copy here on Amazon.




  • Michael Remillard

    I’m a 250 pound male i have been fat for 4 years now no matter what I do i cannot lose the weight I’ve tried every thing i probably will go back on the atkins diet its the only thing that has worked kinda the problems I’m a fruit and veggie lover with a super addiction to sugar . I look at what you eat and think I could do this for a long period of time . i am planning on working out this time as well with no clue how to work out to lose weight most of the time if you are a guy they direct you to lifting wights right away or running alot on a tree mill i did yoga for 2 years never dropped a pound its kind of a useless work out the then to stretch I never got anything out of it. so i write to you because I’m looking for direction as to what to do to get skinny again i used to be 5’11″” 165 now at 250 I’m just look pregnant i only gained the weight in my stomach and chest and face my arms and legs are skinny still no clue what to do well thanks for your input merry chistmass Michael

  • Jen Kedrie

    HI Sarah, just wondering when the SFitGym will be back up? I paid fir the “lifetime” membership from what I feel is a reputable source and it was a pretty short lifetime. Any information would be appreciated.

  • Caryn

    Hi Sarah, I’m in the same boat as Jen Kedrie. I did the lifetime membership and was curious when we’d be able to visit the site again.


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