While driving, I took a time out from watching the road to snap this picture of the WGBH building on the Mass pike.  I thought it was a really cool display of unity and just wanted to share it with all of you.

I want to thank each and every one of you who responded to a tweet yesterday, commented on my blog or facebook, or even wrote me a personal email!  I received over 85 supportive messages/tweets/comments combined after I posted “Reality Check Time.“  I never knew how much I inspired other people to lose weight, follow […]

So my gym is closing up shop in 2 weeks.  This is very sad because: It’s the only locally owned gym in the area (I’m not including small boutiques that just offer classes or PT) It was the gym I went to before I became a trainer so now I’ll have to find a gym […]


This weekend I met up with some healthy bloggers, Theodora ,Lizzy and Becky. It was my first time meeting Theodora and Becky.  Liz and I have an awkward number of  mutual friends and probably ran track against each other in High School although we don’t really remember.  Theodora is a fellow Tumblr who was visiting from NYC and Becky […]

“Bitch, it’s winter.” Agreed. 

Leaving the gym I took this snap shot of a street in boston that was neglected.  The snow has drifted to a height that is higher than my waist.  I love snow.  Bring it on Mother Nature.  However, I’ll be waiting for the wind to die to down for my return to the great outdoors.

A Social Network Christmas The pastor at my mother’s church showed this last night and I thought it was so cute, I found it on YouTube so I could share it with all of you for today.  If Facebook existed on Jesus’ actual birthday, it might have looked something like this I imagine…

Today’s Daily Challenge is to share 2-3 benefits of exercise with others. I am sharing my top 3 favorite benefits I get from physical activity and exercise on my blog and on YouTube! Although small, these little changes make a big impact. 1. Increase in energy. Exercise is so important in my daily living that […]


After receiving a variety of inquiries from perspective clients around the world, I am trying to find a way that I can better help people on a more individual level.  I would love to do this for free but I’m afraid that it would probably leave me with little time to actually train clients and […]

Jillian Michaels announces she will not be returning to the biggest loser after season 11 (which starts Jan 4th).  She said working on her TV show Shedding It had an impact on her decision tweeting that “living with kids I saw first hand what I was missing.”  She plans to focus on adopting a child […]