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If you are not already reading The Huffington Post, you are missing out on some great reads.  I am a news junkie and always have been.  I like to share the latest health headlines but more often than not, I’d like to add my own favorite anecdote from the 90’s, “Duhhhh.”  The HuffPo Health section has some stories like that but more often than not, I find them to be much deeper and thought provoking that the typical study findings recalled.

Jezebel.com is another good read but I’ll tell you why I love that site another day.  

The Health section of The Huffington Post is written by professionals in the field.  Yes, they often are very opinionated but that’s why HuffPo is great.  I like the opinions and sometimes little bit of attitude.  Some articles can be classified as a bit “out there”, but more are intriguing and should be given more attention.  I draw my own conclusions from the posts I read and often research them further if they concern my lifestyle.  I encourage you to do the same.  

Here is what you are missing today:

  • Sleeping on your back is the best position to maintain perky breasts and prevent wrinkles. (Read the article here)
  • May 1st is going to be the first annual “International Barefoot Running Day.” Should you go barefoot?  (Funny story about bare feet.  My mother is getting remarried soon and her fiance bought “bare foot ties” from Vineyard Vines to go with the beach theme.  Blonde Sarah looks at her mom puzzled and asks, “Bear feet? Like Bear Paws? How does that have to do with a beach?”  I think I may never say barefeet without thinking of Grizzlies on a beach again.)
  • Low carb diets high in fat are linked with Type II Diabetes (File under why is the Dukan Diet helping resurge the low carb vida?)
  • And my favorite… When Pets Pass Gas: How to Quell The Embarrassing Smell  (Yes, this is seriously an article but I’m convinced pets are like girls who don’t pass gas, men just blame it on them to hide their own embarrassment.)
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