NYC Day Trip – Beyonce in the House

Last night during a few tornado warnings in southern New England, I hopped on the amtrak and came down to NYC for a video shoot.

I grabbed a late dinner from a delicious restaurant called Calista Superfoods.  I got a delicious and large salmon filet with a mango dijon sauce.  Whoever decided to make a sauce for fish out of dijon mustard and mango is a genius and I need this recipe.  It tasted amazing.  It came with two sides and brown rice.  I chose the spinach with zucchini puree and roasted vegetables.  The salmon was the star in this dish.  The menu also featured the nutrition info, which I loved and rarely see up in Boston.

I was going to meet Rich from Dick’s Cottons out at the bars to watch the Bruins but since I got in so late, I decided to stay put at the hotel.  This morning I got up early for my Tone It Up “Booty Call”.  Exercise reduces bloating so I made sure I got up and went for a walk.  Normally I would have gone running but for the shoot I just brought my cross trainers.  I snapped this picture while crossing the street.

Sometimes, I think I could live in this big city.  Other times, I feel like I would be lost.  I do love Boston, but NYC has many more opportunities job wise.  Maybe one day…

I’m at the video shoot now.  Going up the elevator I asked the man getting out on the same floor as me if he was there for the fitness shoot.

“I’m here for the Beyonce shoot, not Beyonce but her company,” he replied.

Pshhh. So sorry for asking.  There are model-esque girls with big hair, and loud music next door.  I’m going to keep me eyes out for Beyonce, just in case.

Who is your favorite celebrity sighting?

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