Tips To Stay on Track on the Weekends for Fat Loss

Memorial Day Weekend is here and I got a question in one of my new client Facebook groups yesterday that reminded me of previous clients all summer long: Ok, there’s a lot to unpack here but this is not uncommon for my clients and I get it. We practice something called memories over macros in […]

Which is more important, sleep or exercise if you had to choose?


A client recently asked me which was more important, sleep or exercise. I wish I could answer this question with a one word answer but I can’t. So let’s break it down below. I recently asked my Instagram followers if they had five minutes to pick my brain, what would the ask me. The first […]

How To Avoid Gaining Weight In Your 40s

As we age, it can become more challenging to maintain a healthy weight. Learn about the changes that occur in the body in your 40s and strategies for preventing weight gain.

The Health Benefits Of Creatine For Women

When it comes to nutritional supplements, creatine has rarely topped the list for women, especially those of us who are 35 + years old. However, among fitness content creators it has exploded on TikTok and Instagram. Sales have surged 114% growth over the past year. 

Here’s why you should pay attention to this: