Snowed in? Workouts at Home!

It’s Thursday right? Because it feels like a Monday, my body is confused. And this might be the reason why…

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I took yesterday off and started 2014 with a break from working out. Being kinder to myself is a goal in 2014 so when I woke up feeling exhausted, I opted to do a few headstands and stretch out at home. Knowing a storm was coming today, I planned to wake up early and fit in a workout. That did not happen… oh 2014, we are off to a great start but this is why I love studio gyms because I can still take the class I wanted at a later time of day.

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I am planning to head into Barry’s for a noon class assuming it is not cancelled. While not much snow has accumulated yet, it’s quickly piling up. We are expected to get at least a foot! Many of the gyms try to stay open because they know people in the city hate being cooped up in our shoe box apartments. Most of us live within walking distance so they don’t need to worry about clients driving in just for a workout. Equinox in Back Bay stayed open during super-storm Sandy in October 2012.

However, if you are locked up in your homes for the day and your gym has closed, you don’t want to drive or leave your apartment, here are a few of my favorite real-time workouts you can do indoors.

The makeover workout is made up of 4 videos, a warm up, lower body, upper body and core for a 30 minute total body challenge indoors! It was shot last year and is still one of my favorites to do myself.

Want a 10 minute core killer workout? Try this power ab workout I shot with Scott Herman from last year – warning my hair is super blonde!

Lastly, if you are short on time, try this 15 minute bootcamp workout you can do at home without any equipment.

Don’t catch cabin fever, sweat it out a little bit and then enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while binge watching Netflix. My current go-to is Sons of Anarchy. I am half way through season 5. What should I watch next?

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