Central/Eastern European Vacation: Budapest

This is my last little blog post from my vacation last month, I promise! If you hate, they are gone. If you love them, enjoy the last one. Budapest was never on my list of places to visit until Roomie suggested it. After researching it for 6-months, I could not wait to go. It is […]

A fun week to be a fitness blogger

I’m shooting a fun video in the New Year with a new YouTube channel to feature what a day in my life is like. My schedule honestly changes everyday depending on my shooting schedule, campaigns and travel opportunities. I thought that if it was remotely interesting enough for a video on a channel owned by […]

Reality Check Time

So my gym is closing up shop in 2 weeks. ¬†This is very sad because: It’s the only locally owned gym in the area (I’m not including small boutiques that just offer classes or PT) It was the gym I went to before I became a trainer so now I’ll have to find a gym […]